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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Surprise: Part Two ~ The Package

I answered the door to the courier and signed for the package.  It was about twice the size of a shoe box, wrapped in deep red paper and tied in a thick white ribbon.  I took it up to the bedroom placed it on my lap and opened it carefully.
On top of the tissue paper inside were two blue boxes. I opened the first one and smiled as I traced my fingers along the thin leather collar that sat in the box.  It had a small silver ring at the front of it which I imagined would be put to good use in the future.  I placed it to one side for the time being and opened the other box.  As I lifted the lid I saw a clear glass plug modestly sized at around six inches.  The round external end was embedded with crystals of different sizes in purple, red and turquoise; I took it out of the box and held it up to the light, it was mesmerising.  I made myself put it away and opened up the tissue paper revealing a beautiful white lace basque and sheer white stockings that had lace at the tops to match the pattern on the basque.  I lifted them in the paper and set them on the bed.  Also in the box was a short strapless white and pink floral summer dress, white strappy sandals with a high stiletto heel and a hair clip with a white flower on it.  I laid them all out on the bed and went to shower.
As the hot water beat down on me I imagined the many different scenarios that could be waiting for me when I arrive at the destination.  What would He have in store for me this time?  I took my time preparing myself, ensuring that everything was perfect for Him as He expected and deserved.  After checking myself over twice I dried off.  Then clean, smooth and moisturised with a seductive scent I was ready to dress.
The first item to be put on and the one that I was most excited about was my new collar.  I beamed as I fastened it around my neck and admired how it looked on me in the full length mirror.  Next I prepared myself to take the plug and slowly inserted it; it surprised me how deep it actually felt once it was all the way in.  I enjoyed the stirrings it caused as I continued to dress, particularly as I sat to put on the stockings.  The basque followed the stockings; it was front fastening with ribbon so I had to loosen the ribbon to get it on and then made sure that I pulled it nice and tight so that it was slightly restricting just as He would if He were tying it for me.  I pinned my hair up in the clip that He'd provided and slipped the heels on.  I checked the result in the mirror before putting on the dress and grinned at the vision before me.  I knew that Master would be delighted when He saw me.  I pulled the dress on over my head and as I smoothed it down over my body I heard a car beep outside - the taxi had arrived.
I could feel butterflies in my stomach as I entered the back of the taxi.  As I closed the door the driver greeted me and told me that the key was in an envelope on the back seat.  I opened the envelope and inside was a regular silver key.  I thanked the driver and turned the key over in my hand nervously as he began to drive. 
After approximately 20 minutes of silence the driver spoke "We're almost there, it's just around this corner..." 

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