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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Awoken By Angel

Laying beside you I gently trace the tips of my fingers up your inner thigh I reach your groin and lightly rub your balls with the palm of my hand smiling as I see your cock begin to twitch moments later. I lay a kiss on your jaw as I run my hand over your cock then take it in my grasp and slowly begin to stroke it. I love how I can feel it growing harder in my hand with every stroke.

I hear you let out a breath and know that you've woken properly. I can see the desire in your eyes when I turn my face towards yours. A gentle kiss on my forehead before grabbing a fistful of my hair and kissing me roughly on the mouth, my pussy responding instantly. As you move my hand from your cock I realise that I am no longer directing this morning's play time. I close my eyes as you squeeze my breasts hard and cruelly pinch my nipples, I love when you do that. Moments later you grant my silent wish and close your mouth over my nipple and play with it between your teeth. My arm pinned to my side I moan and gasp as you take your time to enjoy my breasts. It feels as though every nerve in my body tingles when you raise your head and your lips brush against my ear as you whisper "go fetch your cuffs angel".

As I make my way over to the dresser I become aware of just how wet my pussy has become; you seem to produce this reaction from me with little effort. I fumble in the drawer for my cuffs as I wonder to myself how you are going to use them today. As I turn with one pair in my hand and you tell me to get the second pair too my excitement increases. I can't help but admire you as you get out of bed and take the cuffs from me. As you describe how you want me to position myself for you my desire increases ten fold and I eagerly climb onto the bed. On my knees, legs parted, my head resting on the bed and my hands between my legs next to my ankles I know you will be pleased to see how wet my pussy is.

As you fasten my wrists to my ankles with the cuffs I resist the urge to ask you to hurry. I am relieved when I finally feel your hands rubbing my ass and am delighted as you begin to slap playfully. Feeling the bed compress as you position yourself behind me makes me whimper with anticipation and I angle my hips to point my pussy at you. It feels fantastic as you grip my hip tightly with one hand and push your cock all the way inside me with one swift movement. As you hold your cock deep inside me and begin to spank my ass again I long to touch my clit.

When the spanking stops and both of your hands move to my hips, your fingers gripping a little tighter than necessary I release a shaky sigh of relief as I feel your cock move inside me. As you begin fucking me steadily I feel every part inside my pussy being stroked by the smooth skin of your cock. I feel you leaning over me as you continue to fuck me then feel your breath on my ear as you ask me if I want it harder. I answer yes and am confused for a moment when I hear you softly laughing. Then I remember myself and answer you properly before the offer is taken off the table.
"Yes, please Master I want you to fuck me harder"
I am grateful that you have hold of my hips when you start thrusting hard as I doubt that I'd remain in position for long without your support.

I feel my orgasm building and tell you that I am going to cum soon. Awaiting your permission I pray that you don't feel like toying with me today; I am in great need of this release. Told to hold it until you tell me otherwise I hope that I can successfully do as I'm told. Each thrust is now a tease and with each additional one it becomes increasingly challenging for me to hold off.

As your left hand leaves my hip and presses down hard on my left shoulder and your thrusting increases in force and pace I hear "okay angel", and I let myself go. I hear my loud moans muffled by the pillow as the pressure of your hand on my shoulder forces my face further into it. Before my orgasm begins to subside I feel your cock twitch inside my pussy as you hold it there deep while you cum. I smile with contentment as you brush my hair from my face and kiss me gently on the cheek before sliding out of me.

As you get off the bed and take a step back and tell me how beautiful I look in this position I think for a moment that you are going to leave me here for a while. However, I am corrected as I feel your hands on my cuffs and you take my hand and lead me to the shower.

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