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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Flirting With The Boss

So, today I went a lot further than the usual flirting and flashing with my boss Mr Marcs.  We've been flirting ever since I joined the company as his secretary six months ago and I saw today coming a mile off.  I know it's one of the oldest clichés around but hey, that doesn't make it any less fun!

The morning started in the same way as every other morning.  I was in early at 8.00am and Mr Marcs arrived at 9.00am, walked past my desk which faces his from across the room, and greeted me without a glance in my direction (I should point out that the Directors have their own private offices which they share with their secretaries).  Once he'd logged into his computer and dealt with the messages I'd left on his desk I received the first email of the day.  I never know what time his emails will start so between the time of his arrival at the office and the receipt of his first email I check my inbox approximately every 30 seconds!  It would be a massive understatement to say that they are the highlight of my day and you will understand why soon enough:    

Mr Marcs: Good morning Sabrina, you are looking particularly delicious today.

Sabrina: Thank you Sir, I'm glad that you approve.

Mr Marcs:  How was your evening?

Sabrina:  Fairly boring, I just got some housework done and watched a little television.  How was yours?

Mr Marcs:  Oh, that does sound boring indeed.  Mine wasn't too bad...I had some interesting thoughts to keep me entertained later in the evening.

Sabrina: Oh?  What thoughts Sir?

Mr Marcs:  I wonder if my Sabrina is wearing panties today.  Spread your legs my girl let me see.

Mr Marcs:  Nice.  Are they new?  I don't recall seeing them before. 

Sabrina: Yes, I picked them out for you at the weekend. 

Mr Marcs:  Mmm, good.  Show me the bra...

Mr Marcs:  Very nice indeed.  Only refasten one of the buttons on your blouse I want to glimpse the curves of your breasts while I work.  

Sabrina:  How's this Sir?

Mr Marcs:  Perfect.  

30 minutes later...

Mr Marcs:   Sabrina, your breasts have me somewhat distracted.  I can't help but imagine my mouth on them and my hands massaging them.

Sabrina:  I have imagined that many times myself Sir.

Mr Marcs:  Have you now?  What else have you imagined?

Sabrina:  I am almost embarrassed to say Sir.

Mr Marcs:  I insist...

Sabrina:  Well, I have imagined your mouth and your hands elsewhere too.

Mr Marcs:  What would I be doing with my hands?

Sabrina:  Umm, sometimes you are brushing your fingers over the outside of my pussy or squeezing my ass.  Most often I imagine your fingers inside me...

Mr Marcs:  Okay.  What about my mouth, you say that you have imagined that elsewhere.  What do you imagine me doing then?

Sabrina:  I have imagined you kissing my inner thighs, then kissing along the lips of my pussy before slipping your tongue between them.  Then you would tease my clit with your tongue before sucking it then teasing it some more.

Mr Marcs:  Hmm, you have thought about this a lot it seems.  Tell me girl, is your pussy getting wet?

Sabrina:  It is Sir.

Mr Marcs:  Good.  Part your legs wide under your desk, slip your hand inside your panties and I want you to use your index finger to play with your clit slowly for!  I have a couple of calls to make but I'll have my eye on you.

15 minutes later...

Mr Marcs:  You are doing well.  I bet your pussy is wonderfully wet by now?

Sabrina:  Yes, I am really wet now Sir, very worked up!

Mr Marcs:  Just how I like you to be Sabrina.  My cock is getting restless with this talk of your wet pussy...

Sabrina:  Maybe it needs some attention Sir?

Mr Marcs:  You'd like to give my cock some attention wouldn't you?

Sabrina:  I really would.  I would pay it very special attention...  

Mr Marcs:  You can take your hand from your pussy now.  Let me see you suck the finger that you just had on your pussy.

Mr Marcs:  Mmm, so sexy!  Good girl.  I have that meeting with the CFO now.  

2 hours later...

Mr Marcs:  I couldn't get your pussy out of my mind during the entire meeting, I may just as well have not been there.  

Sabrina:  Sorry Sir.  I had difficulty focusing too.

Mr Marcs:  And what was it that had you distracted my girl?  Be specific and detailed in your answer.

Sabrina:  I couldn't help but think about your cock getting restless.  I wondered what it looks like and what it would feel like...

Mr Marcs:  Are you less distracted now?

Sabrina:    No, I am more distracted than ever now seeing you sat across from me.

Mr Marcs:  We can't have that.  We must do something to get you refocused on your work...Go to the stationary cupboard immediately.

I hurried to the stationary cupboard hoping that I didn't look as suspect as I felt.  Once inside the small room I played with my hands nervously.  I couldn't believe that I had played with my pussy in front of him and then at that moment was waiting for him so that we could do what exactly?  As the door handle moved a few minutes later my stomach flipped.

As soon as he closed the door behind him he crossed the small space between us and, grabbing my ass with both hands, pulled me tight against him.  I could feel his cock pressing into hip as we kissed passionately.  He lifted my skirt with his hands and pulled my panties down over my ass.  Leading me backwards until the backs of my legs made contact with the low storage cupboards he'd lifted one hand from my ass and had it inside my bra groping my breast.  He lifted me so that I was sat on the cupboard and pulled my panties off completely, then shifted me forward so that my ass was on the edge of the cupboard and I was leaning back, my shoulders against the wall.  He lifted my breasts out of the cups in my bra and as he kissed and sucked my breasts all over he unfastened his trousers and lowered his underwear.  He stood up straight for a moment and looked at me and grinned.  I took in the sight of his stiff cock and held my hand out to touch it, it felt so smooth, the head was a little wet when I ran my finger over it.

Placing his hands on my knees he parted my legs and put two fingers between my lips and explored my pussy for a moment.  He commented that I had obviously been waiting for this as long as he had and with that he moved in closer and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy.  Leaning in and taking one of my nipples between his teeth he rubbed it with the tip of his tongue as he plunged his cock inside me.  One arm wrapped around my waist he kissed and nibbled my ears and neck and used his other hand to play with my clit.  I pursed my lips together tightly as I came, conscious of the fact that people walked past this cupboard frequently and I would be heard if I made a noise.  Mr Marcs whispered in my ear as I was cumming "Good girl, you look so hot as you cum for me".  He gave a few slow hard thrusts, his mouth still by my ear.  I heard him hold his breath for a moment before letting out a quiet low moan.  Pinned in place by his strong arm, which was still wrapped around my waist, I felt his cock twitching inside me as he came.
We didn't hang around afterwards and quickly got ourselves presentable again.  He left first and I followed after him a few minutes later loaded with supplies.  When I sat back at my desk I had an email waiting for me.

Mr Marcs:  Your unruly behaviour is becoming quite a concern Sabrina, I may need to schedule an after hours spanking to bring you back in line...

Sabrina:  As you wish Sir.

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