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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Business Trip: Part Two ~ The Flight

This morning he seems a little off with me.  I put it down to the fact that we had to wake up at 3.15am and he is probably just tired, a sleep on the plane should sort that out.

"Sabrina!  Come on, they are calling our flight to board."
"Sorry Mr Marcs, I was in a world of my own then."
"Well wake up girl, we have a busy day ahead of us when we get there.  I suggest you get some sleep on the plane."
I roll my eyes when his back is turned.  Wow, he really is a grump when he's deprived of sleep!  It's lucky that we have a nine hour flight ahead of us, he should be a bit more cheery by the end of it as long as he sleeps.  We wait in silence as we queue to board the plane.

I look at my ticket, seat 119C, great I have an aisle seat.  There's nothing worse than having to sit next to some annoying stranger on a long distance flight.  I find our seats and step aside to let Mr Marcs get into his seat.  The potentially annoying stranger is already occupying the window seat; he is a very attractive 40-something guy dressed in an expensive looking suit.  Mr Marcs looks at me impatiently.
"Well what are you waiting for girl, take your seat.  We're holding up the other passengers."
"But...", I sigh and think twice about arguing and take my place in the middle seat. 
I smile to myself realising that I am going to be sandwiched between two handsome older men for the next nine hours - could be worse! 

It's four hours into the flight and I am watching some mindless romantic comedy and freezing my ass off.  I forgot that the air conditioning always seems to be set to Arctic on planes and didn't bring anything to cover my arms.  I am rubbing my arms to try and warm up a bit when Mr 40-something calls to the air hostess.
"Excuse me Miss"
"Yes Sir?"
"Could you bring a blanket over please"
"Of course"
I attempt to gain her attention but she's already on her way.  Damn, I could really do with a blanket too.  I'll have to ask her when she returns. 

I try to catch her eye as she approaches but her gaze is focused on my neighbour.
"Here's your blanket Sir", she holds the blanket out to him with an over the top smile plastered on her face.  Ok, it's more a friendly smile but her ignorance towards me is beginning to grate on my last nerve.
"Thanks but it's not for me, it's for the lovely lady next to me", he turns to me and takes the blanket from her.
"I hope you don't mind but I couldn't help but but overhear your teeth chattering", he laughs.  "Okay, that may be an exagerration but you seem cold at best."
"Thanks, that's really kind of you...", I pause for him to introduce himself.
"Simon" I take his extended hand and shake, mentally noting that he has a nice firm hand shake and great hands. 
"Sabrina, and the person sleeping next to me is my boss Mr Marcs"
"Nice to meet you Sabrina.  So you are going to Florida on business?  You will manage to make time for pleasure too I hope?"
"Yes on business.  I'm not sure how much leisure time I'll have if any at all but I enjoy my work so it's not too bad." Pulling the blanket up around my neck I smile at him.
During our chat I find out that Simon is also on business but he intends to let loose while he's out there as he'll have the evenings free.  He is staying just a few miles down the road from our hotel.  He's single, 41 and never been married.  This is the fifth time he's visited Florida, he loves it there.

I wake Mr Marcs when breakfast is served and all three of us eat in silence.  He is in much better spirits after his nap and once our trays are cleared he strikes up conversation with me.  When he excuses himself to go to the toilet Simon takes the opportunity to speak to me again.
"Have you warmed up now that you've had that blanket on for a while?"
"Yes, I'm much warmer thanks.  I'm not planning on taking the blanket off anytime soon though, the air is so cold"
Mr Marcs returns but Simon continues talking to me and I don't want to be rude so I simply turn and smile at my boss and turn my attention back to Simon.  We are in the middle of discussing our shared love of the comedian Jack Dee when I feel something on my knee.  I pause midsentence look down at my knee which is covered by the blanket and quickly resume talking to Simon when I realise that it's Mr Marcs's hand. 

His hand inches up my thigh a little further every few minutes and I begin to find it really difficult to focus on Simon.  His hand is under my dress resting on my bare thigh, his finger pokes at the opposite thigh and I adjust my position and open my legs a fraction further.  I hold my breath and pretend to be engrossed in what Simon is saying as I feel his finger tips slip under the material of my panties and part my pussy lips.  I daren't turn and look at him.  Clearing my throat I relax a little as he makes no further movements.  Although obviously aware of the fingers on my pussy I manage to process what Simon is saying again finally and get back into the conversation.  I am caught off guard when Mr Marcs cruelly pinches my clit some five minutes later.  I cry out and jump in reaction to the pain he inflicted.  Simon looks concerned.
"Sabrina, is everything okay?", I turn my head to answer Mr Marcs who has a worried expression on his face.  Very amusing, I think to myself sarcastically.
"Fine thanks Sir, just a trapped nerve.  I must have moved awkwardly or something." 
"Oh that's okay then...try not to make anymore sudden movements, I imagine that will only make things worse"
"Yes Sir, that's good advice I'll be sure to follow", I had the feeling I'd just been informed that there was more to come.
"It's a nightmare if you get a trapped nerve that keeps playing up.  I had one for about three months once", Simon tells Mr Marcs.
"Oh tell me about it.  I had the same problem", his face shows no trace of the fact that beneath my blanket his finger and thumb are slowly and firmly rolling and squeezing my clit. 
I must have been focusing too intently on what was going on in my panties because I missed my cue in the conversation.
"Sorry Simon, what was that?"
"David here was saying that we should all meet for a meal sometime in the week"
"Oh, well as I am on company time if Mr Marcs says I can attend then of course I would love to"
"Of course you will attend Sabrina.  You don't think I'd neglect to take you out to eat do you?", as he said the word 'neglect' he squeezed so hard that it slipped out from between his finger and thumb.
I've no idea how I managed to supress a reaction but I did. 
"Honestly, sometimes I don't know where the girl's head is at", he laughs to Simon.

His fingers move off my clit and further down my pussy.  He asks me to tell Simon about the restaurant in Florida that Phil from accounts recommended.  As I tell Simon that it is an Italian I feel my boss's fingers pushing inside me.  Every time I try to steer the conversation back to Mr Marcs so that the two of them could talk and I could just smile and nod he would pull me right back into it.  He was fucking me with quite unsubtle movements.  I glance down and notice that you could clearly see his arm moving under the blanket.  I look at Simon and catch him looking up from the blanket.  I blush as he smiles a knowing smile. 
"So David, how long have you had the pleasure of having this lovely lady be your personal assistant?"
So now all three of us are aware that we all know that my boss's fingers are currently working my pussy under the blanket.  It seems that this makes little difference to Mr Marcs who doesn't falter as he answers Simon.
"Sabrina's been with the company for several months now but has really progressed with her role the last week or so", he winks at me for Simon's benefit and presses his palm against my sensitive clit. 
I smile and nod, supressing the moan that almost escapes my lips as he moves his palm on my clit and strokes me inside.

Simon shifts in his seat, he looks uncomfortable.  It is clear the reason for his fidgeting is most likely the same thing that is causing the front of his trousers to strain.  I meet his eyes and he shrugs as if to say "well can you blame me?".  The conversation dies as both men seem intent on watching me.  Feeling self conscious I close my eyes to shut out their staring.  His fingers leave my pussy moments later and his hand rests on my thigh.  My eyes spring open wide as I feel fingers entering my panties from Simons direction.
"Cum for him girl", Mr Marcs whispers in my ear.
I nod in response to him as my gaze is held by Simon.  He fingers me differently than my boss did and the change in technique only seems to liven up my pussy.  Circling his fingers inside me and tapping my clit with his thumb he has me in a right state in barely any time at all.  Having my boss whispering in my ear that I am a good girl while he watches a practical stranger fingering my pussy proves to be an extreme turn on unsurprisingly.  Simon slows his movements for a few minutes as the air hostess goes by then picks up speed as the coast becomes clear.  Mr Marcs continues with his whispers.
"You love it don't you dirty girl", I nod in reply to my boss.
"Tell Simon that you love it"
"I love this", I whisper very quietly to Simon.
Simon laughs a little, "It hadn't escaped my notice".
He keeps working my pussy with his fingers, his face shows his clear intent on making me cum.  As Mr Marcs whispers dirty sweet nothings in my ear I feel myself cumming and turn my head in Simon's direction to conceal my face from any passers by, it would take one slight glance at me otherwise to know that I was mid orgasm.

Simon waited a little while after my orgasm had subsided before asking to pass by so that he could go to the toilet.  He said he had to take care of something that wasn't going to go away by itself.
"Well that worked out even better than I'd intended thanks to your new friend Simon.  I don't like to be ignored Sabrina, I told you you were mine this week and I meant it.  Do not make me have to take such measures to attract your attention again is that clear?"

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