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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Business Trip: Part Three ~ Out of Hours

As I finish brushing my teeth in the bathroom I realise my room phone is ringing.  I run across the room to answer the call.
"Sabrina, could you come up to my room please?  I have some things that I want to run through with you before the morning."
"Sure Sir, I'll be up in 15 minutes I just need to dry my hair, I've just got out of the shower."
"Ok, don't be any longer as I'm on a tight schedule tonight."
"I won't be.  See you in a bit.", I sigh as I hang up the phone.
So much for my having the night off.  It would have been nice for him to mention at some point during the day that he had changed his mind about giving me a free evening.  I know last night I didn't work but I still spent my time with him (and what a fantastic time it was!).
I quickly blow dried my hair and tied it back loosely then threw on a jersey dress that hugged my body in all the right places.  I debated whether to wear panties or not and decided to go without; maybe I could distract the boss with a subtle flash of my bare pussy and steer the evening away from work.  A swipe of mascara and a smear of lip gloss and I was ready to go.

I waited a few moments after knocking the door before he answered.
"Evening Sabrina, come on in", smiling he steps aside to allow me to enter.
"Evening Sir", I make my way over to the table that he's using as a desk and pull out a chair.
"Don't sit down", I jump startled because I didn't realise that he was stood so close behind me.
Feeling his hands rest on my hips he directs me to the edge of the table and lifts my dress off over my head.
"Mmm, nice Sabrina no panties?"
"I thought I'd not bother tonight Sir.  I confess that I'd hoped to distract you from your work."
"My, you are a scheming minx aren't you?  As it happens I am a bit of a schemer myself and I have a surprise in store for you my girl.  Bend over."
I do as he tells me and bend over the table.  His hands roam lightly over my shoulders and down over my back.  He slowly caresses my ass and moves his hands lower over the smooth skin of my inner thighs.
"Part those sexy legs for me"
I part my legs hip width apart.
"A little wider please"
I spread my legs further apart and feel his hand on my right hand.  Pinning my hand behind my back he leans over me and whispers in my ear.
"Do you like to please your boss Sabrina?"
"Yes, of course Sir", I reply in barely a whisper, extremely aroused by the situation.
"Well you have the opportunity to make me very pleased tonight.  Would you do that for me?", I feel his hot breath on my ear.
"Yes Sir, what do you want me to do?"
"You'll see find out soon enough.  I'm hard just thinking about it", he presses his cock against my ass and I press back. 
He moves around and sits in the chair to the right of me, checks his watch then unfastens his belt.  As he unzips his fly he looks at me.
"We still have some time yet so I think I'll let you suck my cock while we wait.  Come kneel in front of me."

He has freed his cock by the time I am on my knees.  He runs his thumb along my jaw then presses it against my chin prompting me to open my mouth for him.  Feeling the soft skin of my lower lip with his thumb he strokes his cock with his other hand as I watch.  As his thumb falls away from my mouth I can't resist the urge to lick my lips. 
"Okay, I see you are eager tonight.", he nods towards his cock to signal that I should begin.
I take half the length of his cock in my mouth to begin with, holding the base with my hand and begin to pleasure him with my mouth.  I close my eyes and really get into it, enjoying the sounds of pleasure he's making, knowing that I am doing a good job. There is a knock at the door and I pause and look up at Mr Marcs waiting for him to tell me if I should stop or continue sucking his cock. 

"Ah, they are a little early.  Never mind, we can pick up again later.  Quickly return to your position over the table please Sabrina", he stands and refastens his trousers as I get to draping myself over the table again.
"I believe your legs were parted wider before...that's right.  Good girl, now I want you to remain in that position unless you are told to move."
I can hear him answering the door and inviting somebody in.
"Wonderful, you can just place the trays on the table over there next to Sabrina."
"A...are you sure Sir?  I can leave them on the other table here if you'd prefer?", the poor thing sounded quite uncomfortable.  I know my cheeks were flushed with embarrassment as my ass stuck in the air on show to them both.
"No no, I insist that you place them next to her.  Then I have a proposition for you..."

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