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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Beach

He said he'd always wanted to fuck on a beach and I'd agreed that it would be fun but I never thought that we'd actually find a beach deserted in the middle of summer. We'd found this small area that was hidden from the main beach by some large rocks. There was one other couple already laying in the sun, we placed our towels down a little way from theirs to give us all our own space. After a couple of hours of sunbathing Callum suggested going for a dip to cool off. I asked him to tie my bikini top for me before I sat up as I'd undone it to avoid tan lines whilst sunning my back. Checking that my red string bikini was covering all the right places I stood and had a stretch then giggled as Callum slung me over his shoulders and carried me down to the water.

He carried me in until the water was deep enough for him to drop me in it. It was cold and when I emerged from under the water and wiped my eyes I laughed and began splashing him. Wrapping my arms around his neck I tried to dunk his head under and lots of playful fighting ensued. When we stopped for a moment Callum glanced at the beach and noticed that the other couple had packed up and left.
"Well look at that Sadie, we've got the place all to ourselves", he grinned at me and raised his eyebrows suggestively.
"So we do! Now we can play strip poker?" I was teasing him of course, I knew exactly what he was suggesting.
I moved closer to him and wrapped my arms and legs around him. I love the feel of his wet skin on mine as we kiss, it's soon evident that Callum is enjoying himself too as I feel his cock, hard and pressing against my pussy through our swimwear.

Pulling out of the kiss he looked at me with a mischievous look in his eyes.
"Fancy having some fun?"
"Yeah okay, what do you have in mind baby?"
I felt pulling on the string of my bikini top and when he'd untied both strings he told me to lean into him and put my hands together behind my back. I felt my excitement increase as Callum tied my hands together with my bikini top. Leaning me away from his body he began kissing my chest, supporting me with one arm and using his free hand to grope my breasts. I bit my lower lip and smiled as I watched his mouth close around my nipple, fully appreciating the sexiness of the situation. Completely turned on I rubbed my pussy against his stiff cock and sighed as I enjoy the stimulation it provided to my clit.

Without looking up from my breasts he pulled his swim shorts down with his free hand and untied one side of my bottoms. As his cock nudged at the opening of my pussy his mouth left my breast to kiss my throat. I really wanted to wrap my arms around his neck as we started fucking. He used his free hand to play with my clit as his mouth explored my upper body, kissing and nibbling my ears, neck and breasts. As I began to tremble and he knew that I was about to cum he leaned me back so that he could watch me as I did. I loved the look of sheer bliss on his face as my pussy rhythmically squeezed his cock as I came. Toward the end of my orgasm he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply, there was a sense of urgency to the kiss that sent a shiver down my spine. When he finally broke the kiss it took me a second to come back down to earth...he had that same mischievous look in his eye again!

His cock still hard inside me took his swim shorts of with one hand and started making his way to the beach.
"What are you doing Cal? We can't get out of the water like this! We'll end up getting arrested!"
"Mmm, I'd love to see my sexy lady in handcuffs", he winked and kissed me on the cheek and I giggled as we left the water.
As we got to our towels he tossed his shorts onto the beach bag and kissed me hard again. I could feel throbbing in my pussy and my nipples stiffening as his tongue explored my mouth. I know I'm biased but he truly is a fantastic kisser.

I groaned in protest as he lifted me off his cock and set me on my feet. He untied the second string of my bottoms and took them off me wringing the water out of them he told me that there was something he'd always wanted to try. We have a great relationship, particularly when it comes to sex and we are both always open to trying things so I told him that we could do whatever it was that he had in mind. With that, he told me to kneel on the towel and I did without hesitation. He pushed my head gently down until my face was on the towel, I got a thrill from being in this position out in the open knowing that any minute someone could walk around the rocks and catch us. I felt his fingers on my pussy, stroking the wetness between my lips, teasing my clit every now and then. My eyes widened as his fingers left my pussy to spread my wetness further and I realised that he was planning to take me in the ass. He'd taken me there several times before of course but never when we've been anywhere in public. As the first finger entered and probed inside me I let out a sigh of pleasure. He spent quite a bit of time playing with me, using two fingers for my ass and rubbing my clit at the same time. I'd had my second orgasm of the day before he'd finished preparing my ass to take him.

His hands left me as I was cumming and then I felt a tug at my hair. My head was pulled off the towel and my bikini bottoms shoved in my mouth, I could taste the salt water on them and it was a struggle not to gag. The change took me by surprise at first but only momentarily I love when Cal gets rough. My hair still held tightly in his grip he squeezed my ass cheek hard, his fingers biting into my skin as his cock pressed against my tight hole. The bikini bottoms in my mouth muffled my moans as his cock painfully stretched me. Once he had edged it all the way in slowly he paused for a while to allow me to adjust to it's size. He began moving in and out of me, cautiously at first but getting rougher in time. With every thrust inward he would yank my hair back and I would groan into my bikini. Using my hair he pulled me all the way into an upright kneeling position and took one of my breasts in each hand squeezed them cruelly, pinning me tight against his body as he thrust his cock roughly into my ass. My arms hurt as they were pinned between our bodies, I tried to press the against him to push his body away from mine slightly but he just pinned me tighter to him and squeezed harder at my breasts. I was relieved when he finally released his grip on me and firmly pushed my shoulders down. His hand pressing his weight between my shoulder blades he pumped at my ass hard and fast. The pleasure it was giving made me want to squirm against him but I couldn't because his other hand had my right hip gripped tightly in place.

It felt surreal as I listened to his groans as he pumped away at me and I watched the sun glistening on the sea. His hand left my back and tightly gripped a handful of my hair.
"Oh fuck yes!", he called out as he finally came, releasing his load into my ass. He held himself inside me as he untied my hands and removed my bottoms from my mouth. Pulling out he laid beside me and pulled me to him, stroking my hair back from my face he told me loved me as we waited to watch the sun setting.

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