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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Afternoon

He walks into the living room and tells me to stand still for a moment.  I stop what I am doing as he approaches me.  Standing behind me he runs his fingers through my hair and brushes it back to one side exposing the nape of my neck.  Gently tilting my head back and slightly to the left he bends his head down and softly kisses my ear and slowly makes his way down the side of my neck.  I let out a shaky breath as he reaches halfway down, it's the most sensitive part of my neck.

He lifts my arms above my head and pulls my top off over my head, running his hands up the side of my body and my arms as he does so. He places my top on the coffee table then unclasps my bra at the back and removes it, placing it with my top.  Kissing my shoulders, his arms move around to the front of me and he begins unbuttoning my jeans.  He kisses a trail down the middle of my back whilst pulling my jeans down for me to step out of them.  Kissing my lower back he pulls at the waist of my panties.  As he pulls them down over my ass I feel his warm mouth on the cheeks of my ass, kissing and softly biting.  I step out of my panties as they reach my ankles. 

He takes me by the hand and leads me to sofa then sits down and pulls me onto his lap.  I'm positioned quite far back on his lap, facing him with my legs wrapped loosely around his waist exposing my wet pussy.  His hands either side of my face he places a singe kiss on my forehead before kissing me on the lips.  My lips part and as we kiss slowly I can feel the charge of sexual energy between us building.  The kiss gets more heated, his hands trail down my neck past my shoulders and rest in the middle of my back.  I feel him start to lean into me and encouraging me to lean back.  His lips leave mine and I'm disappointed for a moment until I feel them on the curve of my breast.  I lean against his strong arms and arch my back as he kisses, sucks and licks every part of my breasts except for my nipples. 

He leaves my breasts for a moment to kiss me again, he pulls me back in closer to him and uses one hand to caress my breasts.  He rubs his palm over my nipples and though I didn't think it possible they stiffen further.  Holding my left breast in his right hand he dips his head and takes my nipple in his mouth.  He starts sucking it and brushing it with his soft lips, flicking it with his tongue.  I tremble in his lap and groan, he lifts his eyes to watch my face as he takes my nipple between his teeth and softly rolls it.  I feel his leg is wet beneath me now.  His hands move to my hips and he lifts me off his lap and sets me down on the sofa for a moment.

He stands and we watch each other as he undresses.  He holds out his hand to me as he returns to the sofa and I take it and stand.  Sitting back down he pulls me onto his lap again, leans back and taking his hard cock in his hand, moves me a little closer so that he can rub the tip against my clit.  As his cock slides over my swollen clit I press my pussy against it revelling in the contact.  He strokes his cock as he moves it over my clit and after a short while I tip my head back as I start to cum.  Immediately he moves me closer and slides his cock inside me.  Pulling me tightly against him he fucks me slowly as I cum.  He waits until my orgasm has subsided before allowing himself his own. 

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