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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Good Morning

I wake to feel my legs being parted.  I am laying on my stomach, it's my usual position for sleep.  I feel my pillow dip as the weight of His hands compress it either side of my head. 
"Good morning" He whispers. 
I can feel his lips brush my ear His mouth is so close and I smile sleepily.  He grazes his teeth on my earlobe and I move involuntarily as a shiver of pleasure runs up my spine.
"That's not good, we've not even started and you've moved once already.  You're going to have to do better than that girl"
"I'm sorry Sir" I reply in a barely audible whisper.
"Mmm, you will be if you move again", He grazes his teeth on my ear again and I stay completely still.

I feel His cock push at the opening of my pussy and can tell by the way it slides against me that my pussy is more than ready to take Him.  It is a rare occasion that I wake up without a wet pussy when I've slept beside Him; of course a few whispered words or slight touches remedy that in no time.  He slides His cock into my pussy very slowly, it seems to take forever for every inch.  It is a real struggle for me not to lift my hips and move my pussy further onto His cock.  He stops moving when He's about halfway in I'd say.
"How much do you want it My girl?" his hot breath against my ear is just another contributor to the wetness of my pussy.
"I want it real badly Sir", I hear the desperation in my own voice, it's always there when I am speaking to Him.  I have a constant need for Him.
"Do you think you deserve it?" He moves a fraction of a centimetre, teasing me.
"Yes Sir"
"Oh, you do?  Tell me why"
"Well Sir, I have been a good girl these past few days.  I have played with my pussy four times a day as You instructed but I have not cum once.  I have not worn my panties and I've worn the tight skirts that You bought me everyday to work."
"True, you've done as you were told but that is to be expected from My girl.  I need more than that", He withdraws His cock slightly and I whimper in disappointment and panic.
"Please Sir, I will do anything!"
"Of course you will girl" he laughs quietly in my ear.  "Very well, you were going to have it anyway as I am taking my pleasure this morning.  You won't cum, you can wait for your pleasure.  You will be granted it when you are able to give me a valid reason for your deserving of it."
"Thank You Sir"

He sinks His cock all the way into my pussy and I exhale a breath of relief and pleasure as His cock fills me.  He moves slowly in and out of my pussy and whispers that He likes to take His time and enjoy His favourite things.  That only arouses me further and prolongs the agonising experience, unable to move and unable to cum I just want Him to cum.  He fucks me like this for a long time then finally I feel his movements begin to pick up pace.  His breathing begins to come heavier against my ear and He starts to kiss and nibble my neck.  I groan as His mouth moves over my neck and struggle to keep still, I wonder if He'd notice a slight movement at this point - not that I'd risk it.  As his thrusts speed up they become more forceful and my body is being shoved up and against the mattress with each one.  He pauses for a moment and lifts my hips until I am on my knees, ass in the air and face against the mattress.  Gripping my hips tightly He starts to fuck me fast and hard.  As He gives a final hard thrust He makes a deep groaning sound and I feel His cock swell and twitch inside my pussy as He cums.  His full weight is on me then as He lowers Himself over my body again and lays on top of me, His cock still inside.
"That's My girl", He whispers in my ear as He strokes the side of my face.  I doze of content that He is happy.

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