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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Business Lunch

I had to have a lunchtime meeting with the Project Manager and the Architect for a new build that our company was having done.  I met them at a local hotel because our in-house catering wasn't up to much.  This was the first time I'd met either of them, I had spoken to both over the telephone and via email but never face to face.  I was quite excited about meeting Ciaran (the Project Manager) because we'd been a bit flirtatious recently with each other.

When I arrived at the hotel restaurant they were both seated at our table already; we had a corner table which was slightly set away from the main body of tables and gave us more privacy for our meeting.  As I approached the table the first thing that registered was that the guy facing me was not the most attractive of men; I silently hoped that he was Daniel the Architect.  Both men stood to greet me as I arrived.  The man facing me as I'd approached introduced himself as Daniel and shook my hand, I breathed a small sigh of relief.  I turned my full attention to Ciaran and my smile spread wider; he was about a foot taller than me with broad shoulders, his eyes had a twinkle about them and his smile made me weak at the knees.  He looked every bit the confident charmer that he came across as in his emails.  He took my hand and leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek, I busied myself with settling at the table as I tried to hide the colour that I felt rising in my cheeks.  I have always blushed at the slightest of things, it was embarrassing!

I took the seat on the inside against the wall between the two of them, Ciaran was sat with his back to the floor to ceiling window that overlooked the harbour.  The three of us made small talk and I ordered a drink when the waiter came to the table, they already had drinks.   As they had opted for wine I ordered myself a small glass of Merlot.  As I browsed the menu I wasn't taking any of it in because I could feel Ciaran's eyes on me.   Every now and then I would glance over the top of my menu and catch his eyes, he was smiling at me, those twinkling eyes had me all in a fluster and I couldn't stop grinning.  I was thankful that Daniel was engrossed in the task of selecting his meal.  The waiter came a short while later and they both placed their orders; I quickly decided on the bruschetta and Caesar salad.

We started discussing the project but I found it difficult to focus on the conversation, I wished that he would stop looking at me that way.  As Daniel enthusiastically described the lighting I felt a hand on my knee, I looked at Ciaran out of the corner of my eye.  He was looking at Daniel and appeared to be giving him his complete attention but I knew differently.  I had no idea what Daniel was talking about as the hand gently rubbed my knee making slow circular movements over my skin.  I pretended to focus on the plans in front of me afraid to make eye contact with Daniel in case my face gave away what was happening below the table.  Ciaran's hand was slowly making it's way up my thigh and as I stole a glance in his direction his amused expression told me that he knew exactly the reaction his actions were having on me.  I could feel the moisture in my pussy increasing with every passing minute, every fraction of a centimetre that his hand crept up my thigh.  He put pressure on the inside of my thigh prompting me to open my legs.  I could see the waiter approaching with our appetisers and felt panic rising inside.  As he presented our food to us I prayed that he couldn't see what was going on beneath the tablecloth.  It seemed that he didn't notice; once he'd left Ciaran removed his hand and we began to eat.  I didn't enjoy my food, I couldn't even taste it, I was consumed with thoughts of him and whether or not that was the end of his attentions.

As we waited for our plates to be cleared Daniel excused himself to go to the bathroom.  Ciaran wasted no time once he'd left the table.
"Take your panties off, now!"
I looked at him for a moment not sure whether I had imagined it.
"What are you waiting for, you don't have much time do it now", he spoke quite matter of factly.
He was so calm and collected I wondered if he was finding the whole scenario anywhere near as much of a turn on as I was.  I was pretty sure he had done this before on more than one occasion.  I struggled to slip them off under my skirt without drawing attention to what I was doing but managed somehow.
"Put them in your bag", I did as I was told.
His hand was back on my knee but only for a moment, he slid it deliberately up the inside of my thigh, his eyes locked on mine as he did so.  I wanted to look around the room and check that no one was approaching our table but I couldn't break his gaze.  He broke eye contact to acknowledge Daniel's return to the table.  I jumped a little startled that he had managed to return without my notice.  Had he seen Ciaran's hand on my leg under the table?  He didn't show any signs that he had.  Daniel continued discussing the plans and the two of them began discussing the pros and cons of using one material over another for something or other, I was completely lost at this point, I couldn't process the conversation as Ciaran's hand reached my pussy and stroked my lips.  I felt that my body must have been trembling visibly but Ciaran gave no sign that anything out of the ordinary was occurring.  He slipped a finger between my pussy lips and teased my clit and I had to focus completely on staying silent.  It as at that point he decided to ask my opinion on something, I couldn't believe that he was doing this to me.  I cleared my throat and asked him to repeat the question trying to buy myself some time to try and compose myself but he continued to tease my clit giving me no such break.
"Oh look here comes the waiter to clear our plates", I thought that this would make him remove his hand; I thought wrong. 
He waited until the waiter had left before withdrawing his hand.  He took out his BlackBerry and excused himself for a moment telling us that he had to make a call.  I was grateful for the chance to come back down to earth and properly on work for a moment.  Daniel asked me to select a colour for the interior of one of the office spaces and as I was deliberating between two the message alert sounded on my BlackBerry.  I read the message: Ten minutes after we have finished the main course excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. C x
I replied with a simple "Okay".  I don't remember what Daniel said after that.  Ciaran returned to the table and it was back to business.  He didn't touch me again through the course of the lunch, he didn't need to; my whole body was his by this point.  My stiff nipples I was pretty sure were visible through my silk blouse and my wet pussy was throbbing.  I hardly touched my meal, I had no appetite.  I had ordered a second glass of wine to settle my nerves, I was thankful that I'd not driven to work today and the hotel had been in walking distance from the office.

Daniel finished his meal a short while after I had given up on trying to eat mine.  Ciaran appeared to be eating his slowly deliberately.  I was a bag of nerves by the time he'd finished and made a point of stating the time.  The ten minutes after this point seemed to go by in a flash.  He caught my eye and looked at the clock signalling that the ten minutes were up, like I hadn't noticed every minute speed by.  I excused myself and went to the bathroom.

I waited in there for a couple of minutes not knowing what was coming next.  I took my BlackBerry from my bag and awaited a message from him.  I jumped a little, startled as the door to the bathroom opened; it was him.  He smiled as he walked up to me and pinned me against the wall, kissing me passionately.  At that moment I melted, it was the hottest kiss I had ever had.  Without breaking the kiss he walked us into a cubicle and slid the lock across on the door.  He lifted my blouse out of my skirt and up over my breasts, taking them out of my bra he kissed and sucked them as I leaned against the cubicle door, eyes closed in a state of sheer bliss.  As his mouth moved over my breasts he lifted my skirt up around my waist and parted my pussy lips probing my pussy with his fingers.  He lifted my right leg by the knee out to the side and his head made it's way down to my pussy.  I sighed as his tongue made contact with my clit and he began licking and sucking.  It took no time at all before I was cumming on his mouth.  I was groaning and panting when I heard the main door opening and someone enter.  I held my breath and waited, I assumed that he would stay still and wait too but he rose to his feet and began kissing me again.  I couldn't care about the other person in the room as he kissed me I was putty in his hands.
"Undo my belt and trousers, get my cock out I have to have you now", he whispered breathlessly in my ear.  I did as he said immediately.  As soon as I'd pulled down his boxers he grabbed my ass and lifted me up, I heard a toilet flush as he sank his cock deep inside me.  As the taps turned on he began moving inside me, he fucked me slowly and hard.  As the hand dryer came on I took the opportunity to let out a moan, his cock filled me to the hilt and felt great; beyond anyone I'd ever had inside me before.  As the door closed and the person left the room he began to fuck me faster with more urgency.  He kissed my neck as he fucked me, his one hand wrapped around my back on my waist and the other on my shoulder.  I tightened the grip my legs had around his waist and gripped his shoulders as I felt another orgasm wash over me.  My pussy constricting his cock as I came pushed him over the edge and he groaned and whispered the word fuck in my ear as he pressed his weight against me and I felt him fill my pussy.  I reveled in the sensation of his cock twitching inside me.  He stayed inside me for a few moments while we both caught our breath.  I straightened myself up in the mirror and it was agreed that I would leave first and he'd follow shortly after.

As I returned to the table Daniel smiled at me and asked if everything was okay.  I told him it was fine and got to looking at my paperwork.  I asked him his opinion on something and noticed that he was smiling at someone.  It was Ciaran returning to the table.
"Everything alright mate?", Daniel asked him as he returned to his seat.
"Yeah everything's great just had to make a phone call"
We stayed for coffees as we continued to discuss the project.  I may as well not have been at the meeting for all the information that I managed to retain.  After we'd agreed on our next meeting date we said our goodbyes, they left in a cab and I walked back to the office.

I took my BlackBerry out to make a phone call and noticed a message:

That was fun naughty girl, next time we meet forget your panties. C x

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