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Monday, 25 July 2011

More Message Mischief

I see the message light on my BlackBerry flashing out of the corner of my eye and smile…

Him: Hey, how are you?

I’m so excited to hear from him!  I can feel the excitement in the right places immediately

Me: I’m great thanks.  How’s you?

Him: I’m good.  What are your plans for today?

Me: I don’t have a lot planned.  I need to pop to the office for a couple of hours later this afternoon but that’s it.

Him: What are you wearing?

I grin to myself because I know where the conversation is leading and I’m very happy about it.  I lay back on the sofa and begin typing my reply.

Me: I’m still in my pyjamas at the moment.

Him: Describe

Me: Black and white striped shorts with a pink waist tie and a black vest with pink trim around the neck and straps.

Him: Nice.  I’d like to have my hand inside those shorts right now.

Oh wow!  I would so lover to have his hand inside my shorts now too.  I am so aroused already at this point; I love that he can cause this me to react this way.

Me: Mmm, that would be good.

Him: Are you alone?

Me: Yes…why?

Him: I want you to touch your pussy for me.  Over your shorts for now, rub it and imagine that it’s me.

Like I wouldn’t have been touching it soon anyway and imagining that it was him is kind of a given!

Me: Okay…

I rubbed at my pussy through my shorts as instructed.  I was really enjoying it and was having a great fantasy when my message alert sounded bringing me back to reality.

Him: How’s it going?

Me: It feels so good.  I can feel my shorts getting damp as the material is being pressed against my wet pussy.

Him: What are you imagining?

Him: Be descriptive

Me: I am imagining that you are rubbing my pussy through my shorts as I am sat in front of you on your desk with my legs spread.  You have your other hand on your cock and I am watching your hand move up and down the length of it.  I love the sight of your hard cock and especially love watching you stroke it…

Him: Take your shorts off

I had my shorts off in a flash, placed them flat on the sofa and sat on them.

Me: Done

Him:  I want you to lay back and open your legs.  Put one finger in your juices and then taste yourself.  Tell me how you taste.

He asks me to do this occasionally which is more than fine by me as I like it.

Me: I taste sweet as I most often do.

Him:  I would love to be there to taste you right now.

Oh wow!  The thought of his mouth on my pussy sends a new ripple of pleasure through my body and I tremble slightly.

Me:  I would so love that!

Him:  Put your fingers in your pussy and use your palm to rub your clit.  Let me know once you have cum…

I put three fingers inside myself and started rubbing my clit with my palm allowing myself to drift back into my fantasy.  Him, me, his office – always a favourite of mine.  I didn’t even get to the part where he fucked me from behind over his desk before I started to cum.  I lay with my eyes closed, legs still open and my hand resting on my pussy and waited for a short while after I came before telling him.

Me: I came

Him: Was it a good one?

Me: It was very good actually.  I must have needed it

Him:  That will be your last until I say otherwise.  Have a good day, I will be in touch soon…X

What?!  I almost hated it when he did stuff like this.  Now I would have to wait for an unknown amount of time not knowing what he had in mind for me.  I would hate it if I didn’t find it such a turn on to be under his control

Me: Oh, okay.  Bye X

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