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Sunday, 24 July 2011


Laying on the bed in my towel after having just got out of the bath I am feeling horny.  He is not around and I have no pressing plans.  I open the towel and look down at my body; my skin is pink from the hot bath.  I admire the curves of my breasts and smile because my nipples are stiff yet again; they seem to be that way most of the time these days.  My gaze travels down my body past my navel to my smooth, bare mound.  I brush the skin there with my fingers, part my legs and smooth the skin of my outer pussy lips too.  I love the feel of my pussy when it is freshly shaved.  My other hand runs up over my hip and up my left hand side to my breast.  I brush my hand lightly over my nipple then play with it, rolling it between my thumb and index finger before giving it a pinch.  I leave my pussy for a moment to take both breasts in my hands and squeeze and lift them towards my chin.  I trail my finger nails lightly and slowly from my right knee, down my inner thigh to my pussy.  I place my hand over my pussy and slip my middle finger between the lips; I trace my finger up through the wetness and over my clit.  Raising this hand to my mouth I close my lips over my middle finger and suck as I withdraw it from my mouth; Mmmm, I love the taste of myself.

Returning my hand to my pussy I begin to think of my last conversation with Him and feel myself start to get extremely aroused.  I put three fingers between my pussy lips and stroke slowly imagining that He is the one doing the stroking.  I let out a sigh, close my eyes and start massaging my clit in a circular motion.  I am a little distracted today and my mind wanders for a moment; I realise that I have not worn my plug for a while and decide to get it out.  I reach into my bedside drawer and take out my plug and lube.  I coat the plug in lube generously and place the tip on my ass hole.  It slides in without too much trouble and I smile contentedly as the widest part of the plug is nestled away in my ass.  I return to massaging my clit but it doesn't feel right having something in my ass and not my pussy.  I push three fingers into my pussy and explore inside with them; I love how soft and smooth it feels.  My fingers aren't enough though, I want to feel full; I want something stretching my walls and touching my cervix.  I reach into my drawer again and pull out a large rubber dildo, no need for lubrication this time as my pussy is wonderfully wet.  I groan, enjoying the feeling as inch by inch the dildo fills my pussy. 

I rub my clit with my fingers again, applying a little more pressure and speed now as I am eager to orgasm soon.  It doesn't take much for me to reach orgasm when I am thinking of Him and how the things that I would like to do for Him to please Him.  I pinch my nipples a little harder and pull them too, they are very sensitive and my touch sends jolts of pleasure straight to my pussy.  I change from massaging my clit in circular movements to rubbing it up and down quite quickly.  I can feel my pleasure pooling and slowly move my hips as I get excited anticipating my release.  My fingers are moving faster now and I am quietly voicing my enjoyment with small moans.  As I reach my climax my shoulders lift from the bed as the pleasure takes hold of me and I let out a louder moan.  I really struggle not to take my fingers off my clit as it is so sensitive and the pleasure is almost too much for me to handle.  My pussy is squeezing the dildo as I cum and it feels great to have something wide inside me.  As I lay here now I enjoy the remaining ripples of pleasure that wash over me every few seconds. Both toys remain inside me as satisfied, I drift to sleep.

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