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Monday, 25 July 2011

Mistress Morganna: Doing His Bidding

He stipulated three things before we made the agreement:
  • She must be handled with care - in other words I was not to be rough with her as I am with My own.
  • A good spanking must be delivered.
  • She must use her mouth to pleasure Me.
I found the key to the front door under the mat as He’d said I would.  As I entered I called out to announce my arrival.  There was a staircase directly ahead and three doors set off to the right of the hallway.  He’d said that she would be waiting for me in the living room which was apparently behind the second door.  I felt a rush of excitement wash over me, I had seen pictures of His pet and she was beautiful there was no denying it.  I was honoured when He’d asked me to do His bidding for Him in His absence.

As I opened the door I set eyes on her; she was knelt in the middle of the room, her head lowered with her hands in her lap.  I approached her and ran my fingers over the top of her head, trailing them down through her hair.  I used both hands to pull her hair back from her face.
“Raise your head pet, let me look at you”
She’s very attractive, her lips are full and her brown eyes are simply striking.  I had the sudden urge to kiss those lips but I didn’t act on it at that moment.

“Do you wish to please Me pet?”
“Yes Mistress”
"Great! That's a good start.  Get undressed down to your underwear please.  Place your clothes on that chair over there", I point at the chair.  "You may stand to undress". 
Not pausing for a moment she rose to her feet and pulled her top over her head before wriggling out of her skirt.  I looked to her feet and was surprised to see her barefooted.  She was a fair bit taller than me, I had to look up at her face.  I told her to return to her knees once she'd put the clothes on the chair and she obediently resumed her previous position.  I stood silently staring at her for a few moments while I gathered my thoughts and decided what I wanted to do.

He'd informed me that this would be the first time she had been intimate with a woman in any way so what we had in the situation was a classic example of the blind leading the blind.  I decided that I would deal her spanking first.
"I want you to go to the nearest end of the coffee table, get yourself as close to the table as you can and then lay across it with your hands above your head."
She made her way to the table on her knees and sprawled herself elegantly across the table.  The coffee table was low so her pert little ass was pointing up in the air.  She was wearing sheer white panties and matching bra, her dark hair fell across her back and shoulders, she looked sublime.  I took my phone out and snapped a picture of her there in that position, He would appreciate a snap shot or two from our time together.  I took a seat on the sofa facing the coffee table and ran my hand down her body, starting at her head and slowly traced my hand down the curve of her neck, over her shoulders and traced the line of her spine.  As my hand reached her lower back I noticed that she had two dimples there, one on each side.  I ran my index finger over each one, her skin was smooth and soft.  My hand traveled to her ass and took my time gently caressing each cheek over her panties.  
"You have a really cute ass, it's no wonder to me why your Sir is so fond of it"
"Thank You Mistress"
I slid my hand up under the material of her panties and felt her bare ass allowing my finger tips to brush lightly between her cheeks.  I pulled her panties down so that they were almost at her knees, after rubbing her ass once more I give it a light, playful slap; one for each cheek.  I was having to lean forward and realised that it would only be so long before this would become uncomfortable.
"This isn't going to work for me like this.  Straighten up  for a moment" I instructed.
As she straightened I unclasped her bra at the back and slipped it off her then reached around to her front and took her breasts in my hands.  I had only felt my own before now, hers were a little larger than mine.  I felt incredibly aroused as my fingers brushed over her hard nipples. 

I shifted down the sofa and told her that I wanted her to lay across my lap.  It was strange to have someone different across my lap; I was used to my pet's muscular torso.  I began the spanking, I started off slowly with light playful slaps.  She seemed relaxed as I spanked her but wasn't making After a few of minutes I placed my hand midway down her inner thigh and slowly moved it upwards towards her pussy.  She parted her legs slightly without any further prompt from me.
"Good girl", I praised her.
As my fingers made first contact with her pussy she let out a gasp.  I slipped my index and middle finger between her lips and was amazed at how wet she was.
"I'll be sure to tell Sir just how much you appear to have enjoyed a change of hands", I smiled.
I inserted my fingers into her pussy and caressed the inside, she squirmed in my lap.  My fingers remained in her pussy, playing with her and exploring.  I very much enjoyed everything about the situation; how she felt in my lap, the smoothness of her skin and particularly enjoyed playing with her pretty wet pussy.  I used my left hand to continue with her spanking going a little faster this time and slapping her cheeks with a little more force but not especially hard.  As time passed I relished in the changing colour of her skin, the pink growing darker into a nice shade of red eventually.  At one point she was squirming around so much that I had to tell her to keep still or else she was going to fall from my lap.  I kept continuously playing with her pussy whilst spanking her in sets of around 10 minutes a time until she began to cum noisily.  Having my fingers inside her as she came was great as I could feel her pleasure squeezing at them, gripping them.  I played with her hair for a while as she settled down, smoothing it back from her face.  I was already hoping that He would need me to fill in for Him again sometime in the near future.  Or perhaps He would like me to join them one day, now that would be fun indeed!

"Your Sir has specified that you must use your mouth to please me.  How do you intend to fulfill His wish?  Show me."
She wriggled off my lap and pushed the table further away from us.  She knelt in front of my legs and hesitated before she moved her hands up under my dress and took hold of the sides of my panties.  I lifted my ass off the seat to enable her to pull them down.  She lifted each of my feet in turn to slide my panties completely off.   Gently pushing my knees apart her hands ran over the tops of my thighs.  I leaned back into the sofa and watched her.  At that point, although I would never have let it be known, she was in control.  As her hands reached the tops of my legs she moved them in towards my pussy and used her elbows to nudge my knees further apart.  She leaned her head in, pausing close enough to my pussy that I could feel her breath on it.  I could feel the anticipation building inside me in that very short moment that seemed a lot longer.  She gingerly runs her between my pussy lips once and pauses.  I smiled as I thought it was as though she was taking a moment to decide whether or not she liked it.  She must have decided that she did like it because her tongue returned to my pussy.  She explored every part of it with her tongue uncertainly at first but with more confidence and purpose as, I assume she became more comfortable with what she was doing.  I was enjoying every stroke of her tongue but then it got better.  She moved one of her hands to my pussy and inserted some fingers; I wasn't sure how many but her long slender fingers felt great inside me.  Then she started to suck my clit and tease it with her teeth.  The combination of the three drove me wild in a few short minutes and before I knew it I was cumming, arms out to the side pressing on the seats of the sofa as my back arched and moaned quite loudly.  She didn't let up the whole time and it was one of the longest lasting orgasms I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

When she stopped and took her mouth away from my pussy I told her to take a moment to rest with me.  She chose to sit at my feet with her head resting on my inner thigh.  I closed my eyes and sighed contentedly as I began running my fingers through her hair and caressing the side of her face.

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