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Friday, 1 July 2011

My Lesson: Part One

He knew that I was curious about the whole spanking thing and during a conversation one day told me to drop my panties and wiggle my cute ass.  I pulled my panties down slowly for him and gave my ass a little wiggle and asked him "Like this?".
He told me to make myself comfortable over his knee so I did and told him that I was nervous yet excited.  I could feel myself becoming aroused already.
"Well, just open those legs so that I can tell if you are moist yet", he instructed.
I parted my legs a little and told him that I thought he would find that I was moist.
"Stand up", he tells me, so I stand.
"Pull up your panties", I look at him quizzically and do as I'm told.
"Okay first lesson of domination, I am in control!  You will have to wait longer for your pleasure"
Pouting I tell him, "Okay Sir sorry, lesson learned".
"No pouting it does not suit you"
"So I've been told, sorry, no more pouting"
It's at that point he says good night and leaves.  I am left frustrated and disappointed yet also excited in anticipation of our next encounter...

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