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Thursday, 7 July 2011


Stood in the middle of the bedroom naked, eyes lowered as he ties my wrists together behind my back with rope.  He moves in front of me and runs the back of his hand down the left side of my face, tracing it down my neck to my chest.  He brushes his finger tips lightly over my breasts, my nipples are already standing to attention for him.  He  starts pinching them one at a time.  He pinches them hard and grips until the pain is sharp and I am on the verge of crying out, but he knows just when to stop.  He puts his hand in his pocket, when he withdraws it I see elastic bands in his fingers.  I close my eyes for a moment and smile to myself wondering how long he would use them on me this time.  He places one of the bands over my erect nipple and then pinches it between the thumb and fore finger of his other hand as he tightens the band, releases my nipple to loop the band over and repeats until my nipple is snugly wrapped.  He does the same thing on my right breast and when he has finished he rubs the tip of my nipples with his thumbs briefly and I relish the feel of his touch. 
“Part your legs please”, it was the first time he’d spoken to me since he’d called me the night before and told me how he expected to find me waiting for him when he arrived. 
I parted my legs immediately.
“Now bend at the waist until I tell you to stop”, I bent forward and he told me to stop as the line of my back was about parallel to the floor.
He moved behind me and I gasped as I felt his fingers enter my wet pussy and twist inside me.  He slides them out of me and runs them upwards, spreading my wetness to my ass.   He begins rubbing and teasing my ass with his fingers, taking his time, toying with me.  I am aware of a delightful tingling in my nipples as the elastic bands restrict the blood flow to them, this is just the beginning though I know and relish in the thought that the gentle tingling will evolve into much more.  I feel his fingers in my ass exploring and caressing inside me, my clit is throbbing with arousal.

I feel disappointed as he leaves me to cross the bedroom but my disappointment is short lived as he returns to me and rubs something cold, wet and hard in my pussy. 
“I got this especially for you this week, it’s glass.  I am sure you are going to love it”, he explains as he begins to press at my ass with the object that I quickly discover is a plug.  He places one hand on my lower back while he works the plug into me with the other.   I feel it stretching my ass as he edges it in, it’s bigger than the ones he’s used previously but it feels so good.  I know it’s in all the way as I feel my anus close tighter over the narrowest part of the plug, it feels heavy inside me.  He places both hands on my cheeks and squeezes them.
“Beautiful”, he murmurs.

As his hands break contact with my skin he tells me to kneel for him.  I hear the familiar sound of him undressing behind me and feel my excitement build further still.  As his feet enter my line of sight I can feel my pussy ache.  My nipples have started heating up now, the tingling that I’d felt earlier has been replaced as I’d known it would be, with a pleasant pain.  When he is stood directly before me I open my mouth for him, it has become second nature.  I feel his cock on my lips and welcome it into my mouth.  He runs his hand through my hair and I suck him while I wait to see if he wants me to do as I please today or if he intends to use my mouth to his own end.  His hand runs around to the front of my jaw and then brushes my cheek.  He didn’t grip my hair so I know that I am free to pleasure him as I wish.  I suck him firmly at a steady pace for a while before moving my mouth off his cock and playing with his balls with my tongue, taking them in my mouth and massaging them with my lips.  I move my head to the side and take the base of his cock in my mouth I press my tongue firmly against it and slide my mouth up and down the shaft.  I flick at it playfully for a moment with my tongue, concentrating on the head before sinking my mouth deep on his cock.  I feel my eyes begin to water as his tip taunts my gag reflex but I persist because I want as much of him inside me as I can possibly manage.  My nose almost touches his groin each time my mouth slides down his cock.  He places his hands on the sides of my head and pulls his cock completely out of my mouth. 

“Stand please”, he doesn’t move as I rise to my feet carefully in front of him.  His hands move to my breasts and I take a sharp breath as his hands move over my very sensitive nipples.  He begins to remove the band from the left nipple and I bite my lip as he does so; the pain is strongest when they are being removed.  As he begins to remove the one on the right his left hand delves between my legs and he holds it still there. 
“You are not to cum do you understand?”
“Yes Master”
His hand begins to move on my pussy as the elastic band is completely removed from my right nipple.  He quickly brushes each nipple with his hand and it is taking a lot of effort to keep my composure.  He dips his head down and takes my right nipple in his mouth and its torture as I use all of my control and effort not to cum.  He sucks and bites, all the while his hand is still working my pussy rubbing my clit testing me, willing me to dare to cum without his permission.  His mouth moves to my other breast and I whimper as the sweet agony continues.  I begin to plead with him, quietly whispering the word please.
“It pleases me to hear you beg but you shall have your release when I decide, not a moment before”, he removes his hand from my pussy and starts getting dressed.  I want to raise my eyes and question him but know better. 
When he is completely dressed he unties my wrists and tells me that I am to leave the plug in until he tells me to remove it.  I am to get dressed and go out, maybe go shopping or take a long walk.  He will be in touch with me shortly.

“Consider this a lesson in patience my pet”

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