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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Your Eyes

I hear your heart beating, my head rises and falls with your chest as you breathe.  My eyes are closed as I lay on you, breathless and bruised, enjoying the moment as you stroke my hair gently...

I hadn't expected you to call around today and I'd no idea what was in store for me that's for sure.  I shudder slightly as I remember the look on your face when I opened the door to you.  I knew in a fraction of a second that you were furious yet your exterior was calm...your eyes said everything that needed to be said. 

I lowered my eyes immediately and felt sheer panic rise inside me as you stepped over the threshold and closed the door slowly behind you.  I wanted to back away from you but forced myself to stay.  A tear runs down my cheek as I remember you taking a fist full of my hair and dragging me into the kitchen.  You still hadn't said a word to me at this point which was what had really had me worried.  I didn't know why you were angry at me, I frantically tried to think of anything and everything I had done since I last spoke to you yesterday morning but I came up with nothing; it's difficult to think when you're being pulled by your hair.  

As you pushed me to my knees and unfastened your belt I thought I was going to get a beating with it.  I was so relieved when you placed it on the table and undid your trousers.  I lick my top lip and have a fresh reminder that it is swollen.   I really struggled to breathe as you fucked my face mercilessly, both hands gripping my hair tight.  My eyes have never run so much as they did then...on saying that, you have never fucked my throat as unrelentingly before.

As I shift slightly on top of you my hip presses against you and I wince.  I've not looked yet but I am sure there will be some colourful bruising.  I drift back to my thoughts...after you had finished using my mouth I was grateful that you gave me a few seconds to catch my breath before pulling me up by the hair and pulling my dress off over my head.  It hurt when you tore my panties from my body.  

The breath was knocked out of me as you pushed me against the wall.  As you lifted my arms above my head I had an idea of the pain that my breasts were about to endure.  I'm impressed that I only cried out once as you bit the firm flesh of my breasts and used your teeth harshly on my nipples.

When you turned me around the coolness of the wall was bliss to my bruised breasts.  As you ran your hand over my pussy and onto my ass hole I closed my eyes and tried to eradicate the fear that I felt and relax instead; being tense was only going to make it worse.  As your cock pressed it's way into my ass I tried to breathe through the pain.  As you started to thrust into my ass, my body completely pinned to the wall, you pull my head back by my hair and bite my neck.  I can't wait to take a look at my neck in the mirror, I'm sure there will be a pretty reminder there. 

When you pulled your cock out of my ass the fresh pain lingered but I couldn't dwell on that, you gave me no time.  When you turned me back around and placed your hand under my chin to lift it I raised my eyes to look at you and my heart filled with joy.  You were looking at me with love now, the anger completely gone.  I swallow as I feel a lump in my throat, I cannot cry now no matter how happy I am I must wait until you leave.

I will never forget you lifting me, my legs wrapped around your waist and your cock sliding into my pussy.  You never took your eyes off mine the whole time you fucked me against the wall.  You said nothing, spoke not one word, your eyes said everything that needed to be said.

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