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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

In My Dreams

As I drift to sleep I hope that He visits me tonight; my tall, dark stranger/mentor/lover/boss...the list goes on, that's the great thing about dreams. When He appears I don't always know Him at first but my body does. Regardless of the situation I want Him without question, He is my Master. Last night He was my teacher and He claimed me on His desk after class.

As my dream unfolds and He has me pinned to the desk the first reaction from pussy ensues; my body is trained to know that His presence is something to be excited about. My body doesn't feel His fingers as they rake down my throat and over my breasts yet my nipples stiffen in response. As His teeth bite my breasts through the thin fabric of my shirt my my nipples grow harder still. As His hands smooth over my thighs and spread my legs I cannot feel the smooth skin of His palms on my skin but I stir in my bed. As He tears at my shirt and pulls at my underwear I forget that I'm already naked. As His mouth closes over my clit I whimper, my fingers grasp my pillow tightly. When His cock pushes inside me a sigh of relief and a whimper of need escape my lips. I pull at my pillow and my back arches as He knocks the breath out of me with each deep thrust. To someone watching I would appear to be having a restless night but I am having one of the sweetest dreams of all.

As I wake I become aware of the moisture between my legs and the sleepy smile on my face and it all comes flooding back to me. I try to force myself back to sleep to relive the visit but it's never the same - I have to wait until the next time...

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