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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Full Report

Mr Marcs called me to his office yesterday morning. He was expecting some prospective clients over from New York. Mr Phillips and his secretary were supposed to be entertaining them for the day but it didn't look like they'd make it back from Amsterdam in time. I was to entertain the gentlemen; there would be two or three of them. He expected a full report by 8.30am today - it was now 8.20am, just enough time to give my report a final once over before I sent it...

RE: Report: MTN

Harry Childs (Director) and Jase Venton (Head of Production) arrived at 16.30pm. I took them to Boardroom 3 to discuss the plan for the day. They said they'd already been to their hotel, checked in and freshened up but they hadn't eaten yet. I decided to take them to Postello's for dinner as soon as we left the office rather than have them wait any longer than they had to to eat. I suggested that we could see how they feel after the meal and decide then whether they would like to go elsewhere.

The Restaurant

At the bar Mr Venton placed his hand on my ass as he spoke to me and told me that he couldn't wait to experience my hostessing skills first hand. He told me that he'd been told by Mr Marcs that he would be well looked after - then he winked at me suggestively. I politely moved from his grasp and, smiling, I told him that I thought he may have understood. He was quick to correct me and advised me that Mr Marcs had told him in specific detail of his assistant's willingness to please. He also advised me how important it was that they felt of special value to our company. He traced his finger up my inner thigh to the top of my hold up and asked if my boss was a liar. I told him that he was a man of his word and to be trusted implicitly. He seemed satisfied with my answer and carried our drinks over to the table where Mr Childs was waiting. I was perturbed to say the least that I'd been offered out for special treatment of our guests without being informed beforehand. I took a moment to prepare myself mentally then went to join them at the table.

Mr Venton stated that it was warm in the restaurant and suggested that I unbutton a few of the buttons on my blouse. I unbuttoned two and he told me that one more should do the trick. Once I'd opened the third Mr Childs reached over and gave the side of my blouse a gentle tug causing the unbuttoned part to gape open a little wider exposing the top of my bra and the curves of my breasts. He commented on the great view and I politely thanked him. Half way through our meal Mr Venton told me that the sight of my breasts peeking out of my blouse was making his cock twitch. He said that it was such a shame that they had to be covered up at all. Again I thanked him; I told him that he was too kind. I asked them about their trip as we ate and quizzed them about New York. I suggested a few places that we could go to if they were not ready to go back to the hotel. They Said that they'd seen a comedy club on the way to the hotel and they'd like to go there. It turned out it was the one around the corner from the restaurant so we had another drink at the restaurant then walked around to the club.

The Comedy Club

In hind sight maybe the comedy club wasn't the best of ideas but it was their suggestion so I could hardly refuse. During the first performance they both appeared bored and restless so during the short interval before the next act I flirted with them a little. We were sat in a booth on the back wall, I was between the two of them so conversation was a little difficult when it came to trying to focus my attention on them equally. There was some suggestive comments flying between the three of us and they seemed a lot happier when I returned from the toilet just in time for the next act.

As the next performer started I felt Mr Child's hand on my knee, I turned to look at him and he winked at me before slowly but determinedly moving the palm of his hand to the inside of my leg. He stopped just after the top of my hold up and began softly tickling and caressing my inner thigh. Of course I didn't stop him, I was glad that he was no longer bored and a little grope in the club is harmless enough. Some way into the act I was enjoying the attention; I was uncertain but I think his hand may have crept slightly further up my leg - it hadn't seemed as close to my crotch when it had stopped originally. Mr Venton took hold of my hand and placed it on his crotch. The first thing I registered was how hard he felt. I didn't want to be presumptuous so I held my hand still. He placed his hand on mine and moved it so that I was rubbing him. After a while he removed his hand and I continued to rub his hardness as he unbuttoned his trousers. He took my hand and guided it inside his boxers; I wrapped my hand around his cock and began to stroke it as I made an effort to look interested in the performer on stage. I laughed with the crowd as I felt Mr Child's fingers move my underwear aside with his fingers, gaining access to my pussy. I'll admit that I found it most enjoyable as I felt his fingers slide inside me; I was already wet by this point. I was also very much enjoying the feel of Mr Venton's hard cock in my hand. The performances continued on and off the stage for another ten minutes or so. I began forgetting to laugh on cue with the crowd as my attention became increasingly focused on the fingers teasing my pussy. As my climax came to a head I gripped Mr Venton's cock a little tighter as I fought to keep the tell tale signs that I was having an orgasm from the expressions on my face. Another interval; Mr Childs went to the bar to get a round of drinks. Mr Venton put his arm around me and pulled me in closer to him; his hand rested on my ass and he groped it as I stroked his cock. His fingers bit into my flesh as his cock twitched in my hand and I felt his cum run down my fingers. I removed my hand when I was sure he'd finished and he left to go clear himself up in the toilets. At least I assume that's where he went. They both returned to the booth in time for the third act. As we watched they both seemed to be more amused by that performance. When the show was over I called a cab to take us home. Their hotel is on the way to my house so I just booked the one cab - I thought you'd appreciate my saving of the company's money.

After Hours

In the cab Mr Childs commented that the only thing that could make the night better would be a blow job. I'd had a lot to drink by then and figured it was only fair that his cock got some attention too. It was difficult to manoeuvre myself into a comfortable position what with three of us sat in the back of the cab so Mr Venton lifted me onto his lap and I laid on my side across them both. He took advantage of my positioning and his fingers were probing my pussy as I sucked his colleague's cock. Mr Childs had his hand in my bra groping my breast as he gasped and groaned odd noises of approval here and there. He came in my mouth without warning and I ensured that I swallowed it all; a test in itself as there was a surprising amount of it. As I lifted my head and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand he refastened his trousers and thanked me. He said that our company gives the best hospitality he's every experienced and he'll enjoy working out the details of our two companies business. I must apologise at this point of the report as I cannot recall exactly what he said, I was overwhelmed by the orgasm Mr Venton had brought on with his expert hands.

As the taxi pulled up outside their hotel Mr Venton told Mr Childs that he'd see him in the hotel bar in a while - he wanted to make sure that I got home safely. Mr Childs gave him a knowing smile before leaving the cab. When we arrived at my house I told the driver that the fare was being put on the company account and gave him our account number. I thanked Mr Venton and said good night but he insisted on walking me to my door. The taxi left as we walked towards the house but it was fine - he'd been instructed to come back in a while to collect to go back to the hotel. We reached my door and as I rummaged around in my bag to find my keys I felt my skirt being lifted and my hair being brushed back from the side of my neck. He started kissing my neck and distracted, I dropped my bag. I went to bend down to pick it up but he told me to leave it for the moment. I rested a hand on my front door as his hand moved between my legs and pulled my underwear to the side. In seconds he thrust himself inside me; one hand grasping at my breast, the other playing with my clit as he knocked me into the door with each deep frantic thrust. He fucked me like he'd been waiting to fuck me for years - it was hot! He pulled out of me and spun me around, pushed me to my knees and quickly pushed his cock into my mouth just in time for him to cum inside it. He held my head in place, his cock deep in my mouth until his cock had finished twitching. His grip loosened and I pulled away from him.

He kindly helped me locate my keys in my bag and gave me a good night kiss before returning to the street to wait for the cab to return. I offered for him to wait inside but he declined saying that he wouldn't be waiting long.

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