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Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Brat

I'd been getting away with a lot recently in the way of cheeking Him. My Master was busy with work and didn't have the time to discipline me like He usually would. That morning He'd told me to start sorting out what stuff we were going to take away with us on the weekend. I tutted and rolled my eyes, I wasn't in the mood for packing. He kissed me on the forehead and left for work. It didn't even register with me that I'd done anything wrong because I'd become used to getting away with it. I had until around 7.30 that night before He got home, I could throw some stuff together a couple of hours before then.

It was quarter to one when I heard His key in the door. I was in the kitchen making myself a sandwich.
"Hi. What brings You home at this time?", I called to Him.
He didn't answer me so I turned to look at Him. He was stood in the kitchen doorway watching me. I couldn't read the expression on His face at first.
"Come here"
"Why's that?" I smiled at Him a little confused.
"Are you questioning your Master brat?"
Uh oh. This wasn't good.
"No, of course not. Sorry." I walked hesitantly over to Him.
As I reached Him He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to Him so that my back was against Him, my head pulled back so that I was looking up at His face.
"Sorry what? You are forgetting yourself far too often these days My girl. It seems you obviously aren't getting the attention that you need to ensure that you act like the good girl I expect you to be...", His hand gripped tighter in my hair as He said the word 'expect'.
"I've had to take a long lunch break and come home to address the matter before it gets out of hand. Do you think I enjoy seeing you roll your eyes at Me? Hearing your tuts? Do you think that I hadn't noticed that my good girl was turning into such a brat?!"

He started walking towards the conservatory, my hair still gripped tightly in His hand.
"It's time you had a little reminder of what is expected of you"
He pulled out one of the dining chairs with His free hand, sat down and pulled me across His lap by my hair. He let go of my hair, and holding me on His lap with one hand He lifted my skirt and roughly pulled my panties down with the other.
"No wait! Daddy, I promise I'll be good!"
"Oh, it's too late for that now my little brat. I promise you you'll be good afterwards though"
I put my hand back to protect my ass from the impending spanking.
"Don't you dare", He said it in such a quiet, calm voice that I removed my hand instantly.
He pushed my head down and told me to hold the chair legs. He didn't want me to be tempted to make the mistake of putting my hand behind me again. I squeezed the chair legs tightly and tried one last futile attempt to apologise.
"Please Daddy, I know I've misbehaved lately but I really am so sorry"
"Oh, you will be baby girl", He said gently.

As the first strike hit my ass I yelped in shock. There was no easing into it like He did when we played. He gave me six hard slaps in quick succession. I could practically feel an imprint of His hand glowing on my flesh already and knew that it would just be the beginning.
"Now then, tell me how many you think a naughty little brat like you deserves? How many will bring my angel back?"
"I don't know Daddy, however many you think", I just wanted my punishment over with and knew that He already knew how many He was going to give me.
Twelve more strikes landed hard. I had begun to wriggle in His lap and was crying a little when He stopped.
"It wasn't a request. I told you to tell me how many. Your punishment won't begin until I get that number from you..."
"Twenty five Daddy?"
"Are you asking Me or are you giving Me your answer?"
"I, I'm giving You My answer Daddy"
"Wrong answer angel. I think that you are trying to take advantage of My love for you", He started spanking me again. I cried properly this time as His hand struck my tender flesh with was becoming increasingly warmer with each strike. I lost count but I think He stopped at around eighteen.
"Fifty, I think fifty would be enough to make sure that I am a good girl for You Daddy!" I blurted my answer out before He'd asked the question. Tears streaming from my eyes, my ass glowing, I just wanted to be in His good books again.
"Take a moment to calm down angel", He stroked my ass lightly with His finger tips and my crying subsided.
"Your answer was far more pleasing this time. You know the rules though, no wriggling or you get extra. With this in mind I think sixty will be a far more appropriate number. Now hold still, we don't want to be here all day"

I held on tight to the chair legs, my eyes squeezed shut I tried not to cry and instead to focus on the sensations that each strike caused. Despite the fact that He'd been angry with me I could feel that He was getting some enjoyment from punishing me. I found this fact comforting and it made me want to endure more as a way of thanking Him for putting me back in my place. Once in that frame of mind it all went by in a bit of a haze. I was aware only of the heat in my ass and His evident arousal. I still cried but that didn't register until after He'd administered the last strike.

He helped me up off His lap and walked me to the corner of the room. He squeezed my hot ass and I flinched. He told me that my ass would serve as a beautiful reminder for the next several days and went out to the kitchen. He returned moments later having made Himself a sandwich to take back to work with Him.
"You will stay there until I return home from work. I trust I have seen the last of the brat?"
"Yes Daddy", I sniffed.
"Good girl"

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