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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Installation

I give myself one last check over in the full length mirror in the bedroom - I look great today I know.  Careful thought had been taken over my ensemble; I was to look classy yet 'available'.  Black, mid-thigh length silk robe - a gift from travels to Shanghai.  The robe was tied at the waist, covering the exquisite teal satin corset that embraced my torso and cradled my breasts. The lace tops of my hold ups were hidden by the robe so long as I was standing up right.  I turn my back to the mirror and bend right over - I am happy with the view, albeit upside down, of my bare ass and freshly shaven pussy peeking out from under the robe.  I stand up straight again and tidy my dark, chin length hair as I inspect my flawless make up.  I smile at my reflection satisfied that I am appropriately prepared.

I make my way downstairs at the sound of the doorbell.  Taking a deep breath beforehand I open the front door and greet my expected visitor - the television installation man; he had come to install some upgraded equipment.  I wasn't really interested in it to be honest, all I was concerned with was the task at hand.
"You'll have to excuse me, I was just in the middle of getting ready to go out", I told him whilst trying to look suitably coy.
I step aside, inviting him in.  I am grateful for the fact that he is fairly good looking; he is taller than me, I'd guess he's around 5'11" and he has a wonderfully cheeky grin.  This was going to be fun I just knew it.
"No problem love.  Where am I going then?"
"Oh, it's just through here in the living room", I lead the way after closing the front door behind him.

I ask him if he wants a cup of tea and go into kitchen to make it when he accepts the offer.  As I wait for the kettle to boil I wonder what the best way to go about things next would be.  I loosen the tie on my robe, just enough so that my walking from the kitchen to the living room will be enough movement to cause it to untie.
"Here you go", I lean over to place the tea on the coffee table and with perfect timing the tie comes undone.  I pretend not to notice it for a moment as his eyes take in the view.  I wait a few seconds then act embarrassed and cover myself back up.
"I'm so sorry!"
"I'm not", he grins then apologises for being inappropriate.
"It's okay, no offense taken", I give him a sweet smile to reassure him and sit on the arm of the settee with my legs crossed and my hands in my lap.
I watch him as he sets to work, we make the usual polite small talk; holidays, weather etc.  He mutters frustratedly to himself and then asks me where something is.  I haven't got a clue what he's talking about but see a window of opportunity.
"I'm pretty sure that everything is down behind the television there.  Let me have a look."
I lean over the television to get a good look down behind it knowing full well that from behind my ass and pussy are on full display to him.  I ask him what the thing he was looking for looked like and he doesn't reply.  When I ask again and there's no answer I look up and see him staring at me open mouthed.  I also can't help but notice the bulge in his jeans.  I allow my eyes to linger on that area for a moment, ensuring that he knows that I've noticed it.
"Wow, I am just mortified!  I seem to be flashing you a bit of everything, I truly am sorry.  I think you best look for that thing I don't know what it looks like anyway", I straighten up and sit back on the arm of the settee.
"It's fine, honestly", he gives me look that tells me what I needed to know; a lot more would be even better as far as he was concerned.  Not yet though, I have to wait until he's finished his work.

Half an hour later he's standing in front of the television, flicking through the channels and checking that all is in order.  Without turning to look at me he tells me that it's all done.  I untie my robe and slip it off my shoulders.
 "So, are there any other installations that you think might be necessary today?", okay so it was cheesy beyond belief but I couldn't resist!  Some may find the touch quite amusing.
He looks confused for a second as he turns to me but the penny drops almost instantly and the confused expression quickly changes into one of lust.
"Well, there are a number of installations that I should insist upon as it happens"
"Really?  Well, I would like you to go ahead with the additional works before you leave please", I uncross my legs and slip my arms completely out of my robe.

He wastes no time and crosses the room and kisses me.  As he kiss, our tongues exploring each other, he lifts me to my feet.  Breaking the kiss he lays kisses across the tops of my breasts before dropping to his knees.  Taking my left ankle in his hand he lifts it so that my foot rests on the seat of the sofa and my legs are now spread, giving him access to my pussy.  I set my gaze on the antique oak bookcase in the right corner of the room.  My mouth opens in a gasp of pleasure as his tongue finds my clit.  I am pleasantly surprised for the second time today as he begins to play with my pussy.  He's not the best mouth I've had on my pussy but he definitely comes a good second.  I lean my head back and curl my fingers in his hair as I cum for him.

When he stands I go for his belt and as I unfasten it I ask him if I can return the favour - obviously his answer is yes.  His cock is very handsome indeed and I feel a very lucky lady as I close my mouth over it's tip.  I give him all my best moves and I'm pleased with myself as I listen to him groan and gasp.  He makes a point of mentioning how he loves the sight of my deep red lips sliding up and down the length of his cock.  I don't think it's going to be long before he ends up shooting in my mouth and that cannot happen - I have to fuck him.  I take his cock out of my mouth and he looks frustratedly at me. 
"I need you to cum inside my tight pussy", I meet his eyes hoping the urgency that I'm feeling is clear in the look I give.

"No problem, stand up then love", he holds his hand out to me.
He grabs me by the ass and lifts me up.  I wrap my legs around his waist as he slides his thick cock inside me.  Walking to the wall behind the settee he presses me against it and starts thrusting, fucking me slowly, hard and deep.

There are specific things that I need to say as he fucks me - "Please, fuck me harder.  I'm a dirty little slut!", I feel my cheeks redden as the words leave my mouth.  His fingers dig into my shoulders as he pulls me down harder on his cock.
"Like this slut?", I feel his breath on my ear, then his teeth grazing my earlobe.
"Ah!  Yes, like that!"
He fucks me like this for a while before telling me that he wants to fuck me from behind.
"Sounds perfect", I tell him and bend myself over the back of the settee after he has slipped out of me.
He grabs my ass cheeks spreading them wide as he guides his cock back into my pussy.  I reach one hand underneath me to tease my clit as he fucks me.  I guess that he probably wasn't going to fuck me like this for long so as I feel my climax building my fingers rapidly toying with my clit I tell him, "I'm yours to play with, use me like your personal fuck toy".

"Oh god, you're a filthy bitch aren't you?", he asks through clenched teeth as he really starts to pound into me.
"Unh, yes!", I struggle to speak as my pussy contracts around his cock, intermittently hugging it even tighter as I cum.  As he stiffens and lets out a grunt, his cock swelling inside me filling my pussy with his hot cum, I look directly ahead at the bookcase and say "thank You".

Once he's left I sit and watch television for a while, it's not time for me to shower yet.  I hear keys in the front door and my pussy stirs excitedly.  I quickly drop to my knees, cross my arms behind my back and lower my head.  The front door closes, I hear footsteps then feel His fingers brush tenderly through my hair.
"Did you have fun angel?", He asks me as He crosses the room to retrieve the camcorder from it's hidden spot on the bookcase.
"I did, thank you Master", I grin sheepishly.

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