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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Getting Dirty

I've been with Harry for just over a year now. I'm 24 and was with my childhood sweetheart until I was 22. Harry is the second sexual partner I've ever had. He is 32 and has made no secret of the fact that he's had many sexual partners and has dabbled in many things with them. Using a pair of novelty hand cuffs was my idea of being adventurous until I met Harry. He has opened my eyes to a whole new world in the bedroom but is always pushing for more. He'd told me that he wanted to fuck me in a public place but I admitted that I didn't think I'd ever be comfortable with doing that...

He'd planned the trip to Rotorua as a surprise to congratulate me on my promotion at work. I'd mentioned this spa to him over a year ago after a friend of mine had visited and had a wonderful stay. She'd particularly enjoyed the mud bath complex which was what the spa was famous for.

The feeling is quite indescribable as we immerse ourselves into the mud bath. The density of the liquid as it engulfs our bodies, clinging to every inch is quite something. We seem to have chosen one of the busier sessions as it's pretty crowded but we manage to happen upon a bit of space of our own where we aren't practically on top of someone else.

We relax and chat for a while immersed neck deep. One thing I love about Harry is his playfulness and his ability to make me laugh. He says something that makes me burst out laughing and draws attention to us. I feel myself blushing and narrow my eyes at him before tapping his nose with my finger leaving a splodge of mud on the end. He grabs hold of my arm and we play fight a little before he has my back tightly pressed against his chest. One arm pinning my body against his, his free hand comes up and rubs my face playfully covering it in mud. I twist my head to look at him and he laughs.
"Aww baby, you still look beautiful when you're plastered in mud", he rubs the tip of my nose with his before kissing me.

I try to turn my body to face him but when I attempt to move he tightens his hold on me. As we kiss I gradually become aware of his hardening cock pressing into my lower back. I pull out of the kiss because there's no use in him getting worked up while we're in here. I smile to myself as I think about the surprise lingerie I have up in the room; I can't wait to give him a little thank you treat later. He still won't loosen his grip when I try to move again though and presses himself into me to ensure that I am definitely aware of his arousal.
"Peter, no we can't. I've told you how I feel about this subject", I whisper firmly to him.
"Nobody can see what's going on beneath the surface, the only way they are going to know anything is happening is if your face gives it away. Just concentrate on keeping a straight face okay baby?"
"No, I really don't want to do this!"
I attempt to struggle out from his grip but it's useless, he moves his hand up my body, slips it under my bikini top and pinches my nipple. I gasp at the sudden pain.
"Okay we'll come to a compromise. I won't make you fuck me now but you do have to cum before we get out."
I shake my head and ask him not to do this.
"Shhh, concentrate on the straight face remember", he whispers in my ear before slipping his other hand into my bottoms and finds my clit with his fingers.

My whole body is tense and I am mortified as his hand squeezes my breast and teases my nipple. I try to pull my legs tightly together to prevent him moving his fingers on my clit.
"Now now baby, you know what happens when you're disobedient"
I relax my legs allowing his hand to move freely again. Once when we were partaking in a spot of role play I'd been punished for disobedience. Though I wasn't in a rush to repeat the punishment the threat of it both frightened and excited me.
"Look, just take a moment to forget what's going on beneath the surface. Look around, nobody is taking any notice of what we're doing"
I glance around and feel myself relaxing a fraction as I realise that he's right. He must feel the tension leave my body a little as he relaxes his hold on me slightly. The hand on my pussy moves lower and I start to object as he finds the entrance to my pussy and slowly slides two fingers inside me.
"Nobody's watching remember. Just lean casually against me as I slowly fuck you with my fingers."
"Okay", that's all I manage to say as his thumb begins teasing my clit, his long fingers stroking just the right spot inside me.

His confident whispered assurances and dirty talk soon have me relaxed enough to enjoy the experience. Of course he tries to push me further and suggests that I'd enjoy it even more with his cock buried deep inside me. I promised him next time I'll be more likely to fuck him if this goes well. I admitted that being naughty in public certainly was a turn on once you let go. His hand left my pussy, he said that he was fine with not fucking this time, a deal was a deal but he wanted to feel his cock against the bare skin of my ass while he made me cum. This is where my naivety crops me up because I actually believe him! He rubs his cock subtly against me as his fingers caress my pussy inside and out. There are a few instances as he pinches my nipple or finds a particularly sensitive spot as he fingers me that I really struggle to keep a straight face. As my breathing shallows and I get closer to climaxing he slips his fingers out and before I realise what's happening he already has the tip of his cock inside me. There's no point in me arguing at this point, I know I won't win. As his cock moves against my g spot, his fingers rubbing my clit expertly I feel that I could cum any second.
"Ah to hell with it, like you said nobody is paying any attention anyway", I say breathlessly.
"That's right baby...except maybe that guy"
At that moment I'm past the point of being able to stop myself from cumming and I know that I fail miserable at hiding the pleasure I'm feeling as it ripples through me. The guy watches my face and grins knowingly, not averting his gaze for even a second. As my pussy contracts around the gorgeous cock it's holding tightly inside I turn to look at Harry.
"You bastard!" A half smile playing on my lips.
Tweaking my nipple he laughs and kisses my temple, "ah you loved it really - I knew you would."

We've enjoyed ourselves in several other interesting places since then...

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