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Thursday, 1 December 2011


It's been four weeks to the day since I saw you last...four weeks too long in my opinion. The bruises on my breasts and inner thighs have long since faded. My body aches all over with a desperation for your touch.

This morning as I laid in my bed I thought of you. As it's forbidden, I didn't touch myself; thoughts of you were enough to heighten my arousal. I thought about how different my morning would have been if I'd woken up next to you. How a sleepy smile would have spread across my face as I woke to your cock twitching against my ass. How your lips lightly kissing the side of my neck always sends a shiver down my spine causing my ass to wriggle a little against your stirring cock. I sighed to myself as I recalled how safe I always feel with your arm draped over me, my back pressed against your body, your hand cupping my breast. You always know that I'm awake before I've spoken a word and when you whisper 'Good morning baby', your lips so close to my ear that they brush against it as you speak, my heart skips a beat.

As I reminisce my pussy is stirring; obviously it's not forgotten the way your fingers caress it, inside and out. The way they sensuously tickle the soft, smooth skin of the crease between my thigh and my pussy. I can't wait to feel your hand between my legs again; your finger and thumb clamped over my clit torturing and teasing it. I miss the excitement that I feel when you shift behind me and move the head of your cock to the entrance of my pussy. As you pause and hold it there to tease me our little game ensues - I move my hips trying to slide myself onto your length; you move yours, keeping your cock just enough out of reach. It's always such a wonderful relief when you finally stop teasing and I feel you slowly enter me. I shiver again when your hot breath hits my ear as you exhale in satisfaction - your cock enveloped completely by my welcoming pussy. Slow and sensual, heated and charged we move together until we're both trembling as our climax builds.

I so desperately need a release. I want to feel your cock twitching inside my pussy, your fingers digging into the flesh of my thigh, your teeth biting down on my shoulder as an orgasm ripples through my body. I want to lie in your arms and drift off to sleep again, your cock still inside.

'Just six weeks' you said before you left; each day is an eternity to me. Each day my body feels starved of pleasure, of passion and sweet pain. As I begin the count down of the remaining 14 days I look forward to December 15th. I shall be in the hallway in position waiting for you.



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