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Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Noisy Toy

I'd purchased a new toy, it was one of those vibrating eggs with the remote control and varying vibration speeds. Master had pre approved the toy and told me that the egg was mine, the remote control His. I'd had it almost two weeks and still hadn't taken it out of the packaging; this was really frustrating because I like to try out my new stuff as soon as I get it. I was beginning to think that Master had forgotten about my new toy - I should have known better. I was speaking to Him on the phone a few days ago (He was away on business) when He told me to take out my new toy.

I was very excited and quickly removed the toy from the packaging, gave it a wash and inserted the batteries into the remote control. I returned to the phone and told Master that the toy was ready.
"Are you naked?"
"No Master, I have my robe on it's cold today"
"Take it off, you'll soon warm up", I slipped out of my robe and stood next to the bed, my nipples stiffened in reaction to the cold air.
"It's off"
"Good. You may insert the toy now", with one foot up on the bed I slowly inserted the egg. I didn't need to use any lubricant, I was already wet.
I pushed it inside until it was nestled in the right spot then told Him that it was in place.
"Remind me again what the settings are pet"
"Well Master, there are three vibration speeds then there is a gradually building one and a pulsing one"
"Excellent. So set it to the slowest vibration first then; I shall try them all with you this morning but you are not permitted to cum angel, this is merely a trial session"
"Okay Master", I pressed the button for the setting He'd chosen.
The first thing that registered was how powerful the vibrations felt initially. My second thought was how surprisingly audible the thing was. The purpose of the toy was to be used whilst I was out and about - the only place I could use it discretely would be at a concert! I voiced my thoughts to Him.
"Hmm, that could be problematic. Next setting up please", I pressed the button on the remote control and moments later I could hear Him laughing.
"Why are you laughing", I smiled enjoying the sound.
"I think I can hear it vibrating"
"See, I told You; it's really quite loud! I wondered if it seemed louder to me because it was inside me but obviously not"
"I can only just hear it. I noticed the change in sound when you changed the setting. Ok, next one", I set it to the highest vibration and closed my eyes for a moment enjoying the sensation.
"I need to make a call so you get yourself in the shower. Switch the setting to that gradual one, I fear if I keep it on that fast one you may not last until I call you back and that would be a very bad start to the day", I said goodbye and went to shower.

Even in through the sound of the water from the shower I could hear it vibrating inside me. I tried experimenting by squeezing it to see if that reduced the sound; it didn't. Also, squeezing it just increased it's effectiveness so I quickly stopped doing that. By the time I'd showered and dried myself I was really enjoying my new toy but beginning to worry that if Master didn't call back soon I was going to be in a bit of difficulty. Thankfully the phone rang moments later.
"Next setting", I pressed the button for the pulsing setting.
"Oh, I can hear that one more clearly", I could hear the grin in His voice and it made me smile.
He gave me permission to dress because he didn't want me to be late for work (I work part-time and I'm studying to become a nurse part-time too). We chatted while I was getting ready and I described how I was feeling as the effects of the toy quickly commanded my attention; body and mind. Just as I was about to pour myself a coffee I gripped the kitchen work top and asked Him if we could please turn it off as I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Surprisingly He said that was fine and told me to remove the toy before I left for work. I made a joke about that one being saved for home use only and said goodbye.


Yesterday morning He had to leave the house very early for work so I didn't see Him when I woke up. I went to the bathroom and there was a sticky note stuck to the mirror that read

Angel, wear your new toy today - I'll be in touch X

I'd told him the night before that I had to go to the library that day to get some studying in and finish my assignment as the hand in date was in two days time. I figured He must have forgotten so I sent Him a quick text to remind Him that I was spending the day at the library. I received an immediate reply:

I know

I began to feel panicked - everyone was going to hear it if He used it while I was in the library. I got showered then put the toy in place - despite my worry I was wet. Once dressed I made sure I'd packed the remote control in my bag, poured a coffee into my travel mug and left the house.

He called just as I was turning the corner to the library.
"Did you see my note pet?"
"I did Master"
"Where are you now?"
"I'm just walking up to the library"
"Good stuff, I'll let you get settled then. Keep your phone in view, I'll be texting you at some point"
"Do I have permission to cum today Master?"
"Oh, I insist that you do", I registered just how embarrassed I was going to feel at some point today, took a deep breath and accepted the fact.

The study area in the library seated approximately 40 people. There were 5 rows of 8 partitioned desks. Much to my annoyance I was too late to get one of the desks on the far end rows which meant that wherever I chose to sit I would be surrounded by people, front and back once it got a bit busier. I reluctantly found myself a spot and got my books and notebook out ready to set to work. I couldn't concentrate knowing that at some point He was going to contact me and tell me to switch on the toy...or maybe He wouldn't and it was all just a mind game to get me worried; He likes it when I get myself all worked up about things. I knew that the chances on it being a bluff were slim to none though.

I'd placed my phone next to my notebook so that I'd notice quickly if I had a message. Sure enough twenty minutes later the red light was flashing. I picked up the phone and saw that one message from Master was waiting to be opened. My hands shaking I opened the message:

The fastest constant vibration setting - now.

I pressed the relevant button on the remote control which I had hidden discretely under one of my text books. It seemed to me that the sound immediately flooded the air in the study area. I felt heat rise in my cheeks - I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. I casually glanced around; a couple of people in the immediate area had glanced over their shoulders briefly to try and establish what/where the noise was coming from but there were no eyes staring straight at me. I relaxed a little and allowed to the pleasurable sensation of the vibrations on my g spot to sink in. I tried to get a bit of reading done but after reading the same sentence 6 times and still having no idea of what I'd read I gave up and decided to search the web for some journals. The red light was flashing again:

Gradual setting...

I pressed the button. The change in sound registered with my surrounding company. Peoople were stirring around me, I could tell that they were wondering where the noise was coming from. I pretended to be confused by the noise too, frowning as though annoyed at the disruption to my concentration. Inside I was dying with embarrassment though my pussy betrayed any discomfort I felt at the situation. I could feel the obvious wetness between my legs increasing with every new burst of gradually intensifying vibrations. If only I could have squeezed the egg hard enough to make it stop. I pretended to give up trying to pin point the source of the strange noise and returned my gaze to the screen once again. My nipples had stiffened as I stared blankly at the computer, my mind focused on the wonderful vibrations. The red light catches my attention again:

I want the pulsing setting now. It is to remain on this setting until you cum, you may switch it off once you have. Let me know when you do.

On the press of the button the pulsing began and so did the new rhythm of sound. I was afraid to look around at that point, scared that my arousal would be blatant in my face. That setting was definitely the most effective of them all. I focused hard on the screen as deep inside me the relentless pulsing vibrations continued spurring on my inevitable orgasm. My hands grasped the sides of the seat of the chair and squeezed until my knuckles turned white as I fought to control my breathing and keep the expression on my face straight as the walls of my pussy spasmed again and again. My orgasm was strong and my underwear soaked. As soon as I felt it begin to subside I grabbed the remote control and pressed the off button. I sank back in my chair relieved that it was over and took a moment to enjoy the final gentle ripples of pleasure that were still fading off. I picked up my phone and text Master to tell Him that I'd had an orgasm. He replied 10 minutes later:

You need to concentrate on your work so that's the end of play time until we're home. Enjoy your day angel.

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