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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Masked Men

My car was parked on the far side of the lot, it was dark and there were only two vehicles left.  I felt on edge as I walked quickly to my car, there was a van parked a couple of spaces down from my car.  I fumbled with my keys at the lock and dropped them "shit!".  I bend down to pick them up and think I hear something behind me.  I stand up and turn to look but before I turn a hand closes over my mouth from behind. "Don't make a sound & I won't hurt you", my cries are muffled, he holds his hand tighter over m ymouth "shut up and walk".  He leads me towards the van, the doors at the back open, there are two more men inside, they have ski masks on so I can't see their faces.  There appears to be a blanket on the floor of the van.  The man with his hand over my mouth takes something from one of the masked men, a cloth? He removes his hand & stuffs the cloth in my mouth.  As he holds me around my waist and chest, he holds the gag in place & walks me until my knees hit the edge of the back of the van One of the masked men tie another piece of cloth around my mouth, tied at the back of my head to hold the gag in place.  My attacker turns me around and shoves me so that I lose my balance & fall back onto the blanket. He holds my hips down while another pulls my top up over my head. My bra is cut at the front between my tits which spring loose. The two men in the van pin an arm each, my attacker grabs my jeans at the waist & without bothering to undo them yanks them down off my hips to my knees. He slips his finger between my legs "don't worry boys, the dirty slut is soaking, she loves it".  I don't understand it but he's right! He pulls my jeans all the way off, grabs my legs under the knees and pushes them until they're up under my chin, then spreads them wide I can feel the cold night air on my wet pussy and it is amazing. He ducks his head down between my legs and laps at my pussy. The other two have taken a breast each & are pulling and pinching my nipples. It's all too much for me & I start to cum...Taking this as encouragement they release my arms for a moment, but only so that they can access their cocks. They both have nice sized cocks. They place my hands on their cocks & start rocking back & fore so that I am pulling them off. I look to the back of the van & see that that one also has his cock out...that one is considerably larger! He rubs it up & down my slit from my clit right down to my asshole & back again. He pokes my pussy opening with the head then slips past it to my ass, I look at his eyes through the ski mask, they seem to be laughing at me. He puts pressure on my anus with his cock. I look pleading at him; please not there, you're too big...he rubs a bit more juice around with the head then eases into my ass. Fuck it hurts!! He maintains eye contact the whole time as he's stretching my tiny ass further. I am screaming into my gag & trying to wriggle away but he has my thighs in a vice like gripsing patience he rams himself hard into my ass "shut up bitch!" I'm silenced.  He starts to move in me & the pain is excruciating but I can't make a sound I have to continue pleasing the two cocks in my hands.  He is beginning to get a rhythm going now & I pump the two cocks in that same rhythm. The pain is easing as I feel a familiar stirring...oh my! I am going to cum! How much of a slut must I be?! My ass is being fucked harder & faster so I match the pace with my hand jobs.  The guy fucking my ass goes rigid and groans deeply as I feel him unload in my ass. I work my hands faster & feel the two cocks swell.  Hot cum spurts out all over my tits and belly, there's loads of it. Once they are spent my ass fucker gives me a slap on the ass.  He throws my jeans and top on the parking lot floor and pulls me by the hands until I'm upright outside the van, very weak in the knees.  He pushes me back another step or two then get's in the back of the van. "Thanks slut", he winks at me & shuts the van doors.  Seconds later the van speeds off & I'm left standing there naked covered in cum with my clothes in a heap at my feet & I smile to myself.

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