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Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Darkness

I hated the old archive room it was cramped & creepy, 4 rows of tightly packed floor to ceiling shelves with no way out other than the way you came in at each aisle.  I was looking for a file at the far end of one of the middle aisles when the lights go out. “Fuck! Fuck!” I feel my way halfway down the aisle when I think I hear movement.  I stop moving and hold my breath listening to the darkness…I hear it again, it sounds like someone brushing against the files slightly.  My heart starts racing as I begin to panic…”Hello, is there someone there?”…no answer, no sound.  I stand, afraid to move, afraid to breathe…the only sound is my heart beat racing, pounding in my ears.  I hear the noise again it seems to be getting closer…there’s nowhere for me to run or hide.  I start backing up, trying to put some space between me and the sound…my back eventually hits the wall…I’m trapped.  I slide my back down the wall and curl myself into the corner and pray that this person won’t find me.

The shuffling gets closer and stops…I can sense someone near but can’t see them it’s too dark, I can’t even make out shapes.  I hold my breath again and shut my eyes trying to wish myself away.  Pain shoots through my head as I’m yanked up by my hair.  “There you are doll, why are u hiding down there?”  Please, please don’t hurt me!  “Quiet now you’re voice is so annoying.  You aren’t going to make another sound is that clear?”  I start crying, I’m petrified.  “Not another sound, I won’t tell you again…you don’t want to find out what happens if I have to ask twice”.  I stop crying, but I'm shaking with fear. 

I feel his hand on my throat and flinch at his touch, he tightens his hand restricting my breathing slightly.  A hand on my thigh, squeezing to the point of pain, I try so hard not to make a sound.  His hand leaves my thigh…my top and bra are pushed up around my neck and there’s warmth and pain at my left nipple as he bites it.  I really struggle to stay silent.  I can hear his belt being undone and his pants falling to the ground.  Oh please no, please no I think to myself, inside I am screaming.  His hand leaves my throat and I make the most of the air sucking in deep breaths.  My skirt is yanked up and my panties torn off.  I squeeze my legs tightly together…he grabs the flesh on each thigh and pinches so hard that I release my thighs and open them.  He says nothing…hands are on my ass as he lifts me up to him and impales me on his cock.  It hurts real bad, he is really big and I wasn’t ready for him.  Pain at my neck as he bites forcefully down on my flesh and does not release as my back hits the wall & he starts pumping into me.  The darkness has heightened my senses and every stab of his cock is agony, his teeth like razors on my neck…relief as his teeth leave my flesh, quickly replaced by panic as his hand presses around my throat again.  “Good whore, not a sound just as I asked.  You’re gonna get it real good now as a reward”.  The hand holding me up moves to the centre of my ass, shooting pain as his dry finger violates my ass hole.  His cock is sliding in me easier now, I don’t know if I’m bleeding or actually wet?! 

I’m lifted off him, without a word he turns me around and pushes my head down until I am on my knees, keeps pushing my head until my face hits the floor. His hands have left my body now…I hear a swish, it barely registers when I feel agonising pain on my ass cheek, again on the other…his belt.  He drapes it across my back as he forces himself into my ass…picks up the belt, lifts my head by my hair off the floor and wraps his belt around my neck.  He yanks at the belt to the rhythm of his fucking my ass.  It doesn’t last long until he pulls particularly hard on the belt and I feel like I’m gonna pass out as he cums in my ass.  He leaves me, I hear him putting his clothes on.  “Stay there whore don’t move”.  Shuffling getting further away, click, blinding light…I don’t know how long I stayed there on the floor, stock still in awe of my abuser…

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