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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Master Spanker

That hot rep was due in for a meeting this afternoon so I had made an extra effort this morning…extra tight skirt, extra tight shirt and sheer lace top hold ups.
He called at 4pm to say that he was running late and wouldn’t arrive until 4.45pm. I was happy to wait, I told him.

He was just as hot as I remembered from last year; I found it hard to concentrate during our meeting. It was a warm day so he had the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to the elbow revealing the nicest pair of forearms I had ever seen! Strong, tan and masculine with hands to match.  He looked like he would be a master spanker and it was all I could think about!

Was I imagining the sexual tension in the air between us? It was 5.45pm by the time our meeting was done, the office was deserted.  I bent over to pick up the bag for my lap top  and felt a sharp sting on my ass.  “Sorry, I couldn’t resist!” he said grinning.  I laughed and told him I liked it.  “There’s more where that came from if you want it”.  Wow, I couldn’t believe my luck! Was I going to get a pasting from him?  I hoped so! I smiled suggestively at him.

He stood in front of me put his hand on either side of my skirt while looking me in the eyes and slowly lifted his hands bringing my skirt up with them. “Bend over the desk so that I can see that sweet ass of yours” I obliged immediately, my pussy getting excited at the prospect.  “Hmm, very nice ass you have there but it’s looking a little pale.  Let’s see if we can’t get some colour into those pretty cheeks shall we?” His hand makes contact with my ass and feels amazing, I watch over my shoulder as he swipes at my ass.  My pussy is aching and crying out to be touched.

He moves around to the other side of the desk, his crotch in front of me now and starts to spank my ass again.  “Oh yes, you do turn a lovely shade of crimson with a good spanking don’t you? Very nice”.  I notice that master spanker has an impressive erection hidden away in his pants. I reach with my right hand and tug at his belt.  Pulling down his pants I’m not disappointed, this man was not just blessed in the upper body.  I’ve always enjoyed sucking cock and I wasn’t about to miss out on getting my lips around this one.  I guided his cock into my mouth as he continued to spank me.  As his cock sank deeply into my mouth his hand came down particularly hard and I moaned in surprise.  The sensation of his hands striking my skin and his gorgeous cock in my mouth are all getting too much for me and I can feel myself begin to cum.  I suck greedily on his cock, taking it all in my mouth until I am on the verge of gagging. As I begin to cum I grip his left ass cheek with my hand and spank his right with my other hand. I figured he might like to receive.  I was right, he gasped when my hand made contact with his ass. I rubbed his ass cheek then spanked it again a little harder.  He pulls his cock out of my mouth, moves to the other side of the desk and cums all over my ass cheeks and rubs it in like lotion.

Yummy, thank you Master Spanker.

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