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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friends To Dinner

We'd had friends over for dinner that evening and I'd been flirting outrageously with the husband, but that's me I flirt with everyone.

We'd had coffees and I went out the kitchen to wash up before we continued with drinks in the sitting room. I didn't hear him come into the kitchen, I only knew he was there when I felt his breath on my ear and his cock against my ass. My friend's husband - Matthew. "Can I offer u some assistance", I giggled and wiggled my ass a little against him. "Your so bad! They're only in the Next room!" He reached around the front of me grabbing my breasts through my dress and massaging them, pressing into me sandwiching me between his hardness and the sink. I gasped with delight as he kissed the side of my neck. He ran a hand down the front of my dress and put it under the hem, he pushed my panties aside with his fingers and explored my wetness. "Oh yes", he lifts my right leg out to the side my knee propped up on the counter opening me up wide for him. I hear his belt being unbuckled and his pants being undone, he pulls my panties aside and I gasp as he plunges his cock up inside me. He's bigger than I'd anticipated and I struggle to keep quiet as he starts moving in and out of my pussy. He places his left hand over my mouth and pulls my head back so that it's resting on his shoulder, his other hand is playing with my clit. He is fucking me with firm steady thrusts and I can feel the warm pleasure rising inside me. He begins to thrust faster, we both know that time is limited. I am starting to cum, it is pretty intense and I can't help but moan, he presses his hand harder over my mouth and whispers "shut the fuck up Sash you're going to get us caught". He's ramming into me harder and faster now to bring on his orgasm.  His breathing is hot and heavy in my ear, my hips are taking a hammering against the work top. One last hard thrust and he pulls me closer to him still "fuck yeah" he whispers. I've been wanting to do that for years. He slips out of my pussy and I lower my leg.  My friend walks into the kitchen, Matthew makes his excuses and heads into the sitting room leaving me to finish the dishes with his wife...his cum leaking from my pussy as we chat.

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