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Monday, 16 May 2011

Surprise Visitor

My husband had mentioned on several occasions that he would like to watch me being fucked by another man.  I had no interest in ever fulfilling that fantasy for him and made that very clear.  We had dabbled in blindfolds and hand cuffs quite a few times so when he called me from work one afternoon and told me to be blindfolded, naked and cuffed to the bed post only wearing my black stilettos I didn't think much of it. 

He usually got home around 6pm so I got showered and pampered myself and put the blindfold on and the cuffs at five to six.  I heard the front door open not long after and heard shuffling about as he put his coat and briefcase away.  He enters the bedroom “Wow, now there’s a sight for sore eyes!”
I hear him remove his clothing and approach me.  His hands are on my ass cheeks massaging, squeezing and stretching them.  They move to my breasts and they get the same treatment.  He puts his hands on my shoulders and presses on them, pushing me down until my head is down by my knees.  Momentarily I feel his mouth close over my clit and he sucks it.  It is heavenly as he explores my pussy with his mouth.  He is never usually this attentive when it comes to oral sex.  He licks my pussy from clit to my asshole and then stays at my asshole…Hello? He’s never done this before; in fact he is completely anti-ass play usually.  His tongue probes at my tiny hole and I gasp with pleasure as the tip enters me.  He inserts his fingers into my pussy and strokes in and out.  Then, lubricated with my pussy juices he inserts first one, then two fingers into my ass and starts to move them in and out slowly.  I feel his cock nudging at the opening of my pussy…he feels bigger than usual.  I am dripping and his cock should slide into me easily but he has to nudge it in inch by inch instead.  Something seems off…

As he starts moving in a steady rhythm I feel my orgasm building and a shiver ripples through my body.  Just as I start to cum the blindfold is taken off my eyes and I see, standing there before me  a naked man…my husband?!  I look back at the man fucking me in the ass and pussy simultaneously; it’s Craig, my husband’s business partner.  I turn back to my husband “You utter bastard!”
“Oh come on Baby, I told you you’d love it if you gave it a try and you’ve already cum once for Craig”, I would have punched him in the face right there if he hadn’t have been so right, the smug shit.
“See Craig, I told you my wife was a filthy bitch deep down”, he looked back at me.
“Now how about you take care of Daddy’s hard cock too Baby”, he aimed his cock at my mouth and I opened up wide for him.  He placed his two hands on my head to control my movement as I sucked his cock.. 

Craig had brought his right hand around the front of me to play with my clit as he continued to pound away at my both holes.  I could feel another orgasm building; recognising the signs my husband said “That’s right, you cum for Daddy and Craig my beautiful whore of a wife”.  He starts thrusting at my face hard, force feeding his cock to my throat.  Craig is pumping a lot faster now, I start to cum, moaning on the cock in my mouth.  Craig’s fingers slip out of my ass and his cock leaves my pussy.  My ass is filled again, more so this time; his cock is inside there.  Both men thrust almost violently at me.  “I’m gonna cum” Craig warns.
“Ok, go for it” my husband gives his partner the nod.  They both remove their cocks from inside me.  I feel warmth on my back first as Craig starts to cum over me, then on my cheek as my husband’s hits me in the face.  Once they’ve finished cumming we all move to the bathroom to get cleaned up…but that’s another story ;)

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