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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Carl The Decorator

Jayne was feeling so horny, the guy decorating downstairs wasn't helping.  He looked so hot in his whites she couldn't concentrate on her work all she could think about was his obviously muscular body and how she'd love to have it.  She took off her shorts so that she just had on a little t-shirt and panties and went down to get a drink from the kitchen.  She walked past the room he was working in slowly hoping to catch his worked, she grinned to herself and continued to the kitchen.  Jayne called to him from the kitchen asking his name - Carl he replied. "Carl, would you like a drink?" He wanted a drink, excellent things were going as planned so far. She took the drinks into the dining room and passed one to Carl.  He couldn't seem to stop glancing at her crotch area, admittedly her panties were pretty small!  She lifted herself up on the dining table, crossed her legs and laid back resting on her elbows casually knowing that the sight must be driving him wild.  She was making idle chat with him, he seemed to be a bit uncomfortable... She glanced down at his trousers and saw his erection straining at his trousers. She made no point of hiding the fact that she was looking. "So, Carl do you need a hand with anything?", he was 90% sure that she was referring to his dick but that 10% of doubt made him hesitate for a second. She shrugged her shoulders "okay", and made to get off the table and leave.  Carl put his hand out to stop her leaving, "Yes actually, I would like a hand".  She grinned at him, "with pleasure". She slipped off the table and pulled Carl over to the table so that he was leaning against the edge.  Jayne knelt down before him and stroked his cock through his trousers, it twitched at her touch. She started undoing his trousers, pulls them and his boxers down over his hips uncovering a fabulous dick. "Mmm, very nice" she takes his cock in her hand and playfully licks it from base to tip. She flicks at the sensitive bit under the head with her tongue.  He gasps with pleasure as Jayne circles the tip with her tongue then closes her mouth over his cock and starts sucking him off.  Carl groans "yes" then grabs her head in his hands and starts to thrust his hips forcing his cock further into the back of her throat.  She moans on his cock, he's big and she's finding it difficult to breath but he is really going at her mouth now.  She grabs his hips to steady herself and continues sucking on his cock greedily - she loves sucking cock.  Carl stops thrusting and she feels his cock swell in her mouth and her mouth is filled with cum, dripping down her throat. She swallows every drop of it then gets on to her feet and grins at Carl "Thanks babe, that was fun...see you tomorrow" and leaves Carl smiling and spent.

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