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Monday, 2 January 2012

The Masquerade

I'd been invited to a masquerade ball at some posh hotel (which shall remain unnamed) in London.  I wasn't sure who had sent the invitation - there were no RSVP details either.  I asked a few people in some of my social circles if they'd received an invitation but none of them had.  I'd always wanted to go to one of these affairs and being one never to shy away from social events decided I would attend regardlesss of the fact that nobody I knew seemed to be attending.  I would know at least one person at the party...surely.  So I booked a room at the hotel a couple of weeks before - apparently I was lucky to get one as they were very busy that weekend with an event - the ball, I assumed.


I checked in at the hotel two hours before the start of the ball so that I could take my time getting ready. I assessed myself in the mirror before leaving my room. My mask was encrusted with black and silver sequins and jewels and had three dark purple feathers in the centre.  It was the kind that tied with a ribbon so I didn't have to hold it up to my face all night and would have both hands free for dancing, and whatever else.  I wore a long black satin evening gown that had a slit up the lefthand side (mid thigh), and matching long gloves.  My heels (black satin peep toes) added several inches to my height.  I felt glamorous and beautiful and was excited for the evening ahead. 

The hall was already quite busy I noticed when I entered. There was a lady at the door who handed me a glass of champagne and asked for my name.
"Rebecca Emery", I scanned the room taking in all the beautifully dressed people.
I was to sit at table seven she advised and pointed in the direction of the table. I made my way over, smiling like the cat that got the cream. I couldn't think of a better way to spend an evening than being surrounded by men dressed in black suits and bowties. A few more people arrived and introduced themselves as they took their seats at my table. A tall man approached me and placed his hand on my shoulder.
"Hi, I'm Michael. Would you like to dance?"
I liked him instantly so told him I'd love to dance with him and allowed him to take my hand and lead the way to the dance floor.

As he placed his hand on the small of my back I got goosebumps. I looked at my hand held in his and smiled at how small it looked. My whole body zinged with desire as he led me slowly around the dance floor. I couldn't take my eyes off his; they were strangely familiar somehow and I wondered if I knew him. His mask was plain white and covered his face from the tip of his nose up. I listened intently to his voice as he spoke to me but it didn't sound familiar; he had a strange accent. When the song finished he raised my hand and kissed the inside of my wrist.
"Thank you for the dance my Angel", he walked off the dance floor in the direction of the bar.
A shiver ran up my spine and I remained stuck to the spot, mouth half open in surprise.  It had to be a coincidence that he'd just called me that; there's only one person who ever calls me Angel and they couldn't possibly have sent the invitation.  I glanced back to the spot I'd seen him at last but he'd gone.  I made polite small talk with the people sat at my table but couldn't give the conversation my undivided attention.  As the conversation flowed seamlessly without me I scanned the room for the tall dark gentleman that had me captivated with so few words.

I went to the toilet a little while later and as I made my way back to the hall I saw him walking down the corridor in my direction. I got butterflies and tried to appear as though I'd not noticed him yet. He'd untied his bowtie and it hung loosely around his neck; his top two buttons were open. He looked so hot, even if he wasn't who I suspected him to be I certainly wouldn't have said no to him. Once we were nearer each other I smiled at him, making it clear that I remembered my dance partner. I couldn't read his expression.
"Come this way", he took hold of my arm and pulled me through a door marked 'fire exit'. We were in a stairwell; he shoved me against the wall and kissed me hard. When he eventually came up for air I had to find out.
"Hello, My angel", He grinned and told me to pull down the top of my dress so that He could see a little more of me.
As I exposed myself to my Master my legs trembled and my pussy moistened the fabric of my panties.
"Beautiful. Now, pinch those pretty pink nipples for Me", I blushed as I pinched and teased my nipples for Him. I wished that He wasn't wearing a mask so that I could see how He was reacting more clearly.
"Okay, stop now", another lust filled kiss followed. The material of His shirt brushed against my stiff nipples as we kissed, sending more signals to my already excitable pussy. He pulled away from me and put His hand inside His jacket.
"I want to enjoy the rest of the evening with you before I take you upstairs. You'll wear these as a promise of what's to come", He pulled from His jacket inside pocket a stainless steel butt plug and a small item that I couldn't identify.
I nodded my understanding and He told me to hold my ankles and spread my feet shoulder width apart. He lifted my dress, exposing my tiny black thong. He pulled my thong down over my ass, leaving it around my knees.
"Rub your pussy and spread some of that moisture to your beautiful ass for Me", I went to remove my glove.
"No, the gloves stay on"
I let my fingers glide back and forth over my pussy several times before moving them further North to my ass. I must have gotten it nice and slippery because He told me to hold my ankle again. He walked around to the front of me and told me to keep my hands where they were but look up at Him. When I looked up He was holding the butt plug out by my face.
"Get it nice and wet", I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over the steel bathing it with as much of my saliva as possible.
He pulled it from my mouth, placed His free hand on the small of my back and pressed the plug against my tight little hole. I delighted at the feel of my ass opening up for Him, welcoming this intrusion, closing again tightly around the slim stem of the plug holding it safe inside. He pulled and pushed at it slowly four times and I groaned.
"Ah yes, My angel likes her ass fucked don't you?", His fingers were on my pussy holding the lips open wide so that He could see every detail.
"Yes Master", I whispered, too aroused to speak.
I shrieked and stood upright as I felt pain on my clit.
"I didn't tell you to stand. Hands on ankles - now"
"Sorry Master", I grabbed my ankles, digging my fingers into my skin in an attempt to distract myself from the pain that my clit was enduring.
"I have clamped your clit. Through the pain I want you to think about the pleasure you'll experience when I remove the clamp and reward you with my mouth. Imagine the heat of my mouth closed over your pussy, my tongue gently caressing your sore and swollen clit", that thought had a ripple of pleasure coursing through my pussy.
"You may stand and straighten your dress up. We're going to go and have a dance and enjoy a few glasses of fine champagne."

It was an effort to keep a normal expression on my face and walk normally as we left the stairwell; the pain in my clit was intense. His hand on my back guiding me back to the hall, He reminded me to think of His firm lips on my pussy.
"I have a question"
"What's up?"
"How did you know it was me with my mask on?"
"I wasn't certain when I asked you; there were two other women I'd spotted that I would have asked to dance later, but as soon as you smiled I knew".

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