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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Master's Housemaid: Part One

Black stockings; check!
Suspenders; check!
Cupless bra; check!
Disgracefully high heels; check!

Now to put on the new accessories He'd provided...
"Paige?" I heard Him call to me from the study.
"Yes Master?"
"Are you completely dressed yet?"
"Not yet, I'm just about to put on my new things. Sorry Master, I won't be a minute", I opened my bedside drawer to retrieve the gift box containing the items.
"Bring them to me pet. I'll finish dressing you.". I felt butterflies in my stomach as I walked with the box to the study.
The thought of His touch never failed to excite me.

He turned in His chair as I entered the room and took the box from me. He placed the box on the desk beside Him and told me to kneel at His feet. As I knelt before Him I could feel my nipples pointed eagerly at Him, my pussy getting wet; I love kneeling for my Master wherever the place but here, in the study, reminded me of two nights ago when He allowed me to suck His cock as He worked. A jangling noise brings my mind back to the present and I see a mesh of delicate silver chains in His hand. From the mesh of chain He pulled out two clamps (attached to the chain). He placed the first clamp on my nipple and I winced; it was a fair bit tighter than the other sets of clamps that He usually had me wear. He brushed His hand lightly over my other aching nipple before closing the clamp over it. The heat began almost instantly as the pain throbbed through my sensitive nipples.

"Mmm, beautiful. Okay, present yourself over the desk", I rose to my feet and turned to the desk. It was a large desk and the one end was always kept free; it was kind of my spot. I leaned over the desk, my weight resting on my chest, my head turned to the side. I crossed my arms behind my back, the pain in my nipples was tremendous in that position. I spread my legs wide as my poor nipples pressed against the hard surface of His desk. I let out a shriek as He attached the third clamp to my clit. His hand landed with a smack on my ass cheek.
"You know the rules about making noise", Smack! Smack!
"Sorry Master!"
I felt a tug on my clit; the chain had an anal plug at the end and He must have let got of it, the weight of the plug was causing the clamp to pull. I bit my lip hard to distract myself from the pain. His hand had been rubbing my ass but had moved to my pussy and His fingers explored my wetness. I forgot about the pain in my breasts and my clit as He slid His long fingers deep inside me. My teeth released my lip as I let out a sigh, a shiver ran through me as He stroked that special spot. As He fucked me slowly with His fingers He pulled on my suspenders, stretching them and releasing them so that they snapped again my flesh. The first time I jumped a little in surprise and got my ass spanked again. I learned well enough to keep still for the others that followed.

By the time I felt the pain in my clit change, signifying that He'd picked the plug up, my ass and thighs were pretty warm. His fingers left my pussy and rubbed, or slid rather, over my asshole; my pussy juices providing the lubrication required for my plug. I felt the plug entering my pussy, then being turned in a screwing motion as it was pulled out and pushed back in. When He'd decided it was lubricated sufficiently I felt the tip nudging at my tight asshole. He eased it in slowly but there was still some discomfort as I accepted the widest part.
"Well, that certainly suits you pet", I heard a click of a camera and smiled. I like to look at the photos Master takes so that I can see how He sees me.

He landed a playful slap on my ass.
"Right then pet, time for you to get to work", I straightened up off the desk and wondered how I was going to survive the next few hours...

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