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Monday, 2 January 2012

Playing in the Cold

We were out walking in the local National Park. He loves the outdoors and I'm a fan of anything that means I get to spend time with him away from a computer - he's a bit of a workaholic. It was freezing, the wind bitterly cold so we decided to take the path that would be more sheltered from the wind.

After an hour or so we were in a rocky area just off the main path. I teased him and made a comment about the spot being a great one to have an outdoors quickie. He said it was far too cold to get his cock out and I called him a spoil sport. He slid his hand down inside the opening in my jacket, beneath the low neckline of my top. He grabbed my breast, his fingers finding their way inside my bra so smoothly I had to question whether I'd put one on that day. My breath caught in my throat before I shrieked at him.
"Your hand is bloody freezing! Get off!"
I attempted to move away but he turned me and held me to him, my back pressed against his front. My nipple had stiffened the instant his cold hand made contact. As he held me in place he took the stiff nub in his fingers and played with it, rolling, rubbing, squeezing and flicking. As I became accustomed to the cold I closed my eyes and rested my head back on his chest enjoying myself. My nipple acting like a switch to my pussy; with each flick of my nipple my clit throbbed subtly between my legs.

I felt a draft on my stomach and noticed too late that he'd opened the bottom button on my jacket. Another shriek as his hand slid down inside the front of my trousers; I wasn't wearing underwear. His hand cupped my bare pussy, his cool skin was a great contrast to my heat there. His middle finger probed between my lips and glided inside me.
"That feels so great", I smiled and turned my head to the side, nuzzling it into his chest. He added a second finger and moved his hand against my pussy in such a way that he rubbed my clit with his palm as his fingers slid in and out, exploring my sweet hot hole. I clenched at his cool fingers with my pussy, loving the sensation as they rubbed at me inside.

He used the hand that was on my breast to unbutton my jacket completely then lifted my breasts out of the cups of my bra; he tucked the neck of my top beneath them too. His hand moved to the breast he'd given no attention to yet. He pushed it up high with his palm and pinched my incredibly erect nipple, pulling it out away from my body.
"Can you imagine what people would think if they saw you like this now, in this moment? Tits on show to the world, the hand of a man old enough to be your father cupping your pussy, his fingers fucking you..." He whispered.
"Mmmm", I didn't care, all I cared about was how good it was.
"Head resting against me, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. Your enjoyment would be clear to anyone. Shall I tell you what I think they'd be thinking?"
"Uh huh", I bit my bottom lip and pressed my pussy against his hand and pushed my ass against him. I could feel his cock, very hard at this point, pressing into me.
"I think they'd assume you were a very naughty girl. A naughty girl so desperate to have her pussy touched that she can't even wait until she gets home - and they'd be right wouldn't they?"
"Mmmm", I couldn't talk, I was too focused on his palm rubbing my clit. I was moving my hips too, fucking his hand.
"Say it", he pulled my nipple hard.
"I'm a naughty girl", I told him quietly.
He tutted at me, "Now you know that's not anywhere near as loud as I expect to hear those words", his hand worked my pussy faster in an attempt to bring me closer to my climax; I could hear how wet I was.
"I'm a naughty girl!" I yelled loudly.
"Yes you are. Who's naughty girl are you?" I grabbed the sleeve of his coat and gripped it tightly in my fingers.
"Yours, I'm your naughty girl", I groaned and pulled on his sleeve as I came hard on his hand.
"That's right baby, you're all mine", he slipped his fingers out of my pussy and massaged my clit lightly as the last of my orgasm flittered through me.

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