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Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Video Task

Sir told me to write up my most recent task to accompany the practical part. This was a breeze after the first part of the task and I was happy to share:

After receiving my task this morning I was extremely nervous as I'd never done anything and recorded it before. I busied myself initially by selecting the underwear that I'd wear, and after much trying on and procrastination I decided on my ivory satin and lace favourites; a balconette bra and matching thong, and sheer hold ups in ivory too. I made the bed with clean white linen and then covered it with a plum faux suede throw. I positioned the camera where I thought best and did a couple of practice recordings to ensure that I'd be in the frame correctly throughout the task - I didn't want to have to do this several times if I could help it, I had other everyday life things that I had to get done today. Once satisfied that I knew where on the bed I had to be for the best views I took out my clamps and my dildo and placed them at the head of the bed (as the camera was positioned to the right of the bed they were just out of view until I retrieved them). I wondered whether you'd told me not to shave anywhere before the task to see if I'd been sticking to your 'every day should be a smooth day' rule; as I have been following the rule there was no need for me to tidy up before the task anyway - I was pleased about this. I put on some tinted moisturiser and lip gloss, tied my hair back in a pony tail and dressed in the chosen underwear. Taking a deep breath, I decided I was ready.

I pressed record on the camera and walked around to the opposite side of the bed, careful not to show any sign of hesitation. Putting my hands on the bed and looking to the camera I crawled onto the bed towards the camera in what I hoped was a seductive manner. Once my hands reached the other side of the bed I positioned myself upright on my knees. I placed my hands over my breasts and started rubbing them slowly through my bra as I watched the light blinking on the camera. I pushed them together and lifted them, I felt my nipples stiffening and moved my hands and teased my nipples through the thin fabric with the tips of my fingers. I felt my pussy tingle as my nerves began to subside and I reached behind my back to uk clasp my bra. Slipping my bra off and throwing it to the floor for the time being (don't worry, I picked it up when I finished recording), I pinched my nipples for you and pulled them towards the camera. I pushed my breasts up with my hands and closed my mouth over each nipple in turn, giving each one a little flick with my tongue and a graze of my teeth; they were ready for the clamps and I was ready to be fucked.

I leaned across and retrieved the clamps; taking my nipple between my thumb and forefinger I pull it out toward the camera before attaching the clamp. Both securely in place I run my right hand down my body, down between my legs and rub my pussy through my panties. I can feel the moistness of my pussy through them in a few short moments. My fingers gliding over the smooth material felt great and I could feel my clit swelling between my lips, eager for attention. I took the dildo and twisted the end of it switching on the vibrating function. I slipped it between my legs, teasing my pussy through my panties, resting it at my clit a little longer than any other part of my pussy. I began to moan gently as I enjoyed it more each minute; I needed something inside me very soon.

Placing the dildo to the side of me I turn around so that my ass is facing the camera. I look over my shoulder as I jut my ass out a little before sliding my thong down over my firm round cheeks. When my panties reach my knees, I pull my knees forward one at a time to slip out of them whilst continuing to give a great view of my ass (I knew you'd appreciate that part). Turning back to face the camera I slip a finger between my wet pussy lips and bring it up to my mouth. I licked my finger from bottom to tip once before putting it completely in my mouth, groaning as I sucked it clean of my pussy juice; i'm sure my excitement and enjoyment showed on my face. I sat down and grabbed the dildo again; I thought it would be a nice touch to suck off my dildo for a little bit, maybe give you an idea of what I'd like to be doing to your cock at that very I did. I gradually spread my legs further apart as I gave my dildo a great blow job, when they were spread nice and wide I lay back on the bed, traced the tip of the dildo down my body and paused for a moment as I let the vibrating tip rest on one of my clamped nipples. I squealed with delight at the sensation and put my free hand to my pussy and began playing with my clit.

I slid the dildo over my pussy and pushed it deep inside me; I was plenty wet enough to not have to ease it in. I gasped with relief and joy as it stretched and filled me deep inside, then held it there as I played with my clit and looked down my body at the lens of the camera. As I felt my insides stirring I began to fuck myself steadily with the dildo in nice long strokes. Every now and then I'd forget myself for a second and close my eyes but would quickly remember to keep them open. I loved every touch of my fingers, every stroke and vibration of the dildo as I moved it in and out. I was arching my back, moving my hips, sighing and groaning as I gave myself a good time. I could feel that I wasn't going to last much longer - nor did I want to, I was eager to cum.

I changed position and turned so that the camera was to my right. My arms beneath me, the side of my face pressed to the bed and my ass in the air, I fucked myself faster with the dildo as my other hand massaged my clit almost frantically; I was desperate for the orgasm I could feel building. Groaning and gasping I keep my gaze fixed on the camera to ensure that I'll be looking into your eyes as I cum. My hand stops moving on my clit and grasps at the throw beneath me and I let out a loud groan as I cum - somehow I still manage to keep the dildo moving throughout. I hold it inside me at the end of my orgasm and feel my pussy squeezing at it. I lay for a few seconds catching my breath before removing the dildo and changing position so that I'm sat on the side of the bed and in front of the camera.
"For you Sir", I tell the camera and blow a kiss before switching it off.

The worst part is not being allowed to review the recording before I send it to you. I hate the thought that I've made myself look silly in front of you, or that I may look unattractive for you. I hope that I have gotten it right first time around.

always Yours XO

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