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Friday, 13 January 2012

Text Tease

She'd decided the night before that she was going to have some fun with him today and so she began the game by sending the first picture text to his phone ten minutes after he left for work.

Rhian: See these breasts?  When you get home tonight I'm going to hold your cock snugly between them as I lick the tip.

David: Mmm, I love those breasts  It's going to be a long day!

She thought that leaving it an hour between the texts would be a perfect gap; not quite enough time for him to get completely distracted from the thought of the last before he received the next.

Rhian:  Look...I have your favourite panties on today.  By the time you get home they will be very wet indeed - my pussy is already moist...I've been thinking about what I'm going to do...

David:  Wow.  How do you expect me to concentrate on my work when you're sending me stuff like that?!  behave yourself!  P.S.  Can't wait to pull them down with my teeth ;)

She grinned to herself as she read his reply - the evening was going to be SO much fun.  Giggling to herself as she thought about the rest of her little plan she busied herself with some chores until the time came for the next message.

Rhian: Oh? What about these? Are you going to pull these down with your teeth too? ;)

Stockings were his soft spot so she'd sent a picture of the tops of her black stockings, her legs spread shoulder width apart.

David:'re killing me here!

Rhian: Just really enjoying one of my five a day...made me think of your...

Attached picture of her lips wrapped around a banana

David: My cock is twitching for those lips, that mouth - fuck!

She waited until ten minutes before he was due to leave the office before sending him a picture of her legs spread revealing the damp gusset of her panties, her hand beneath the fabric playing with her desperate pussy.

Rhian: Aww look, my pussy was sad and lonely so I had to start without you :( Hurry home!

David: Your pussy is mine girl!

She giggled as she read his reply and waited eagerly for him to get home.

She made sure that she was in the kitchen doing the dishes when he arrived. She could heard him come in but he said nothing as he stood in the doorway of the kitchen watching her. She turned to look at him.
"Hi honey, how was your day?" She smiled as though their little text interaction had never happened.
His hard cock was clearly visible, straining against his trousers.
"Get your fine ass over here", he grinned.
"Oh give me five, I just want to finish up here and I'll be right with you", she turned and carried on washing up.
He was behind her in a flash, his hands lifted the front of her skirt and he slipped his hand in the side of her panties pulling her back against his hard on as he delved his fingers into her soaking pussy.
"Oh, you fucking tease", he bit her neck and she gasped.
"Not five minutes, not one! You've had me waiting for this all fucking day", he shoved his fingers roughly, deeper inside her and she yelped in delight.
"You're going to suck my cock now", he backed away from her, his hand trailing her wetness across her hip as he removed it from her panties.
Grinning, she got on her knees in front of him and purposely took her time undoing his belt and trousers. He batted her hands out of the way and pulled his trousers and boxers down quickly.
"Enough teasing! Mouth on cock now!" He looked fit to burst.
"Okay Babe, keep your hair on", she winked and took his cock in her hand.
She slowly licked his shaft, cradling his balls with her hand. She took more time than usual teasing him with her tongue, circling and flicking the head of his cock.
"That's enough!" He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed his cock deep into her mouth, sighing as he felt the warmth of her wet mouth envelope his cock.
She loved sucking him off; she loved watching the expression of pure lust and enjoyment from down there on her knees. She loved when he watched her and the feel of his grip tightening on her hair when she did something special or when he was close to cumming. It became a battle for control as she tried to maintain her casual pace and he pushed her head down and pulled it back in a pace that was more befitting to his desperation.

She tapped his thigh to let him know that she wanted to say something.
"What's up?", he asked breathlessly.
"We have to stop now, I've got to get ready to go out", he burst out laughing.
They played this game quite often.
"I don't think so young lady!"
He lifted her off her knees by her hair so that she was standing and before she knew it he'd spun her around to face the sink, pushed her so that she was leaning over it and yanked her panties down. They both groaned out loud as he pushed his cock inside her. She held on to the window sill which was positioned behind the taps of the sink as he fucked her slowly and with force. Each thrust inward causing her to moan. His fingers dug into her shoulder as he gripped it, enabling him to get in as deep as possible. His other hand was seeing to her clit and she'd started breathlessly repeating "Oh god" as her orgasm built. He smiled, recognising the tell tale signs and his pace picked up. A short while of this and she cried out as she came. He really went for it then, fucking her hard and fast, focused on achieving his own orgasm. He let out a big sigh as he held her tightly on his cock, pumping her with load after load of his cum.
"You know you shouldn't ever tease me"

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