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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Caught in the Shower

Master had been teasing me all day at the office; I'd been allowed to suck His cock beneath His desk whilst He was on a conference call to some clients. He'd spanked me over His desk this afternoon when I'd brought Him His afternoon coffee five minutes late. The whole day my pussy remained untouched. As we travelled home in the car my body was buzzing with sexual tension; I hoped that His hand would slide between my thighs and just give my pussy a little attention - but nothing. Once we were home He said that He had some things to finish for work and then He'd get started with dinner. Disappointed, I said I was going to take a shower.

I washed my hair then put some shower gel onto the shower scrunchie and washed my body. As I slipped the scrunchie between my legs to wash my pussy I couldn't help but enjoy the feel of it brushing over my sensitive area. My clit began throbbing immediately; I looked up at the shower head and dropped the scrunchie. Taking the shower head down I twisted the head to change the water jet to a more concentrated spray. As I lowered the head down between my legs I used my other hand to part the lips of my pussy. My eyes close as the warm jet of water makes contact with my clit and I finally feel relaxed properly for the first time that day. I'm in the middle of reliving today's events with Master at work; I can feel my clit swollen with arousal, enjoying the pressure of the water. I feel uneasy, there's someone else in the room. I opened my eyes and see Him leaning against the door frame, watching me.

"Oh Sir! You startled me", I smiled at Him.
He walked to the shower, opened the door and grabbed my pussy in His hand.
"Who does this belong to?"
"You Sir", I gasped.
"Good. What do we do before we play with other people's things?"
"Ask permission?"
"Correct", removing His hand He made a motion for me to turn around.
He took the shower head from me and placed it back in it's cradle. Leaning forward I placed my palms at head height on the tiled wall of the shower. My legs slightly parted I pushed my ass out toward my Master and waited as the water ran down over my shoulders, back and ass. Although I'd known what was coming the first one took me by surprise. I always forgot how much it stings to be spanked when you're wet. My fingers dug into the tile each time His hand made contact with my flesh. He left about five beats between each strike and as I waited for the next I could feel my pussy, still hot and wet, becoming more aroused by the minute. I counted twelve strikes, my ass was stinging like hell when He'd finished and I was biting back my tears.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I'm sorry Sir, I was desperate!" I tried hard not to sob as I spoke.
"For what? For your pussy to be touched like this?" His fingers parted my lips and rubbed my clit as His thumb delved inside me.
"Oh, yes Sir", I purred.
He pulled me closer to Him and started kissing my shoulder. He nibbled the nape of my neck sending shivers up my spine; my nipples stiffened further as His hand cupped one of my breasts and I threw my head back and moaned softly. As my moans became more frequent and I began to grind my pussy against His hand He removed it and held me away from Him at arms length.
"You cum when I tell you angel, never forget that. You need to learn to be patient", He unbuckled His belt and I whimpered. I was relieved when He didn't take the belt out but continued to unzip His trousers. I watched as my Master completely undressed and stepped into the stream of the shower. His hand pressed lightly on my shoulder and I dropped to my knees ready to take Him in my mouth.

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