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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Idle Hands

I was bored one Saturday afternoon so I did some chatting on Twitter and scanning of Tumblr. By the time I'd seen several great black and white erotic pictures I was feeling more than a little frisky. I had the house to myself (my husband plays golf every Saturday) so said 'to hell with it' and wriggled my trousers down off my hips to my knees. I was laying on the sofa; I parted my legs slightly and slid my hand down the front of my underwear. The lap top beside me on the coffee table I clicked on a story on my favourite erotic fiction website and began to read. My cool fingers slid between the lips of my hot pussy; fuck, I was so wet even at that point.

I felt my pussy all over to begin with but as the story became more interesting I isolated my attention to my clit. My fingers danced lightly over it in a circular motion, slipping and teasing that very sensitive area. My hand moved quicker inside my underwear as I became increasingly aroused. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and saw my neighbour outside the window looking shocked yet intrigued. Mortified, my eyes met his and he continued to walk past my house. "Fuck! Fuck! Shit!" How the hell did I manage to forget the blinds were open?! My first thought was that within 24 hours the whole village would know what Jack had caught me at...including my husband! I'd never felt so screwed in all my life.

I worried all week about it; every time I saw a neighbour I wondered if they knew. I felt like everyone was gossiping about me behind my back. It couldn't have spread too widely though because my husband was perfectly fine with me. I decided the following Saturday morning that I'd tell him what happened on Sunday because I couldn't take all the anxiety I was feeling. Half an hour after my husband left for golf there was a knock at the door; When I opened it I saw Jack. I'm not sure how it is possible but within a five second moment the colour both drained from my face then came back with a vengeance as I blushed like crazy.
"Hi Jenna, may I come in please?"
"Sure Jack", I stepped aside to let him through into the house.
I led the way to the living room and he took a seat on the sofa; I sat at the opposite end and turned to him.
"I feel a bit awkward coming around like this Jenna but I wanted to let you know that I'd not told anyone about what I um, saw last week. Nor do I intend to tell anyone", he smiled kindly at me.
"Oh thank you so much Jack! I can't tell you how relieved I am!" I held my hand to my chest and let out a relieved sigh.

"I really can't thank you enough", I stood ready to see him out but he walked over to the window.
" could thank me", he pulled the cord for the blinds and they snapped shut, "quite easily Jenna. Please sit back down..."
I looked at him with a puzzle expression.
"Sit. Now", I sat hesitantly on the sofa.
"It's really quite simple. You see, I won't tell anyone what I saw just so long as you give me a full show - here, now...this instant."
I could tell he was deadly serious and though I wasn't happy about it I'd rather flash one pervert than have the whole village thinking I was some kind of sex hungry whore. The people around here seem such prudes I imagined that's exactly what they'd label me.
"Fine!" I huffed and went to put my hand up my skirt.
"Wait. I'll decide how this is going to go", he walked over to me and lifted my top up over my breasts and left it there bunched under my arms.
"You said a show! You didn't say anything about touching me!"
"Don't get your knickers in a twist. I've no intention of touching you, though you'll probably wish I did later. I'm just arranging my view", he pulled my bra down so that my firm breasts popped out.
He pushed me back gently so that I was slouched against the back of the sofa. I lifted my ass off the seat so that he could pull off my underwear. It was at this point that I registered how much I was enjoying myself unexpectedly. Once my knickers were discarded to one side he took my left ankle and lifted my foot up and out to the left until it rested on the edge of the sofa; he did the same to my other foot. I was slouched on the settee, my legs spread wide for him, my breasts on display - I should have felt embarrassed by this but I was completely turned on.

I didn't wait for him to tell me to start, my hand went straight to my pussy and I inserted two fingers immediately and began to fuck myself for him. He encouraged me as I performed for him telling me how hot it was, what he'd love to do to me. He was sat on the coffee table in front of my spread legs and he got his cock out. My mouth actually watered a little as he started stroking his cock. I was mesmerised by his hand moving on the nicest cock I'd ever seen; I needed it.
"You like my cock don't you? I can see it in your eyes?"
"It's a great looking cock", I pushed a third finger inside my pussy and fucked myself a little harder.
"I know. You're never going to have it though", he smirked. I felt myself blushing again.
"Fuck your pussy harder for me, I want you to match my rhythm as I pump my cock"
I did as he said and matched him stroke for stroke, each time he sped up so did I. I was having a great time I could feel myself getting close to climax when he slowed his strokes right down.
"Hands on your head, now!"
I put my hands on my head and his hand moved quickly on his cock again. He paused and then grunted as a jet of hot cum shot out of his cock and splashed across my open pussy. He stood, another shot of cum leaving his cock as he did, landing on my breast this time. He leaned forward and grabbed my head, his final shot landing square on my left cheek. I opened my mouth to take him and he ignored it, choosing to rub the wet head on my right cheek instead.

As he let go of my head I fell back against the seat again. He put his cock away and told me I'd sealed the deal well and my secret was safe - then he left. I just sat there a while, his cum turning cold against my skin as I let what had happened sink in...then my hand returned to my pussy and I massaged his cum into my clit until I brought on my own orgasm.

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