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Friday, 10 June 2011

Taken By @Badhedonist

I'd been chatting with @Badhedonist for quite some time online and we'd often discussed meeting up for real. Eventually we decided on a date; a Thursday afternoon.  I booked a hotel situated around an equal distance between us.   We were both very excited about the meet. He'd done this before but I hadn't and was pretty nervous about it but felt I was finally ready.

I got there an hour before the time we'd arranged so that I could prepare myself.  I took a shower to freshen up after the journey, dried my hair and reapplied my make up.  I got dressed in a deep purple and black satin Basque that fastened at the front, matching thong and black sheer stockings.  I had a pair of purple satin heels that matched perfectly and slipped those on too.  There was 15 minutes to spare I was ready!  Or was I?  I wasn't feeling so ready as I paced the room nervously.  With each passing minute more doubt was filling my mind. What was I thinking?  I shouldn't be doing this it's crazy.  By the time I heard a knock at the room door I was in a mind to get the hell out of there.

I took a deep breath, checking my appearance in the mirror and opened the door.  He says hi and his cheeky grin makes my pussy stir.  I invite him in and head back into the room.  I have my back to him when I tell him that I won't be a moment I just have to get something from the bathroom.  When I came back into the room he is stood just inside of the door, but there is a woman with him.  I'm a little confused so I look to him and ask what's going on.

"This is Sarah.  You mentioned that you would be up for experimenting with a woman so I thought I'd surprise you babes", he obviously didn't see that there was a problem.  Now, it's true, I had said that to him in conversation but saying something and actually arranging to do it are two different things.  I was nervous enough about meeting him but the prospect of my first time with a woman and first threesome for that matter was too much.  I had to put a stop to it.

"Look, I'm sorry but I didn't agree to this and I am not up for it.  I think you'd better leave please.  Sorry to have messed you about", I did feel bad that they'd driven a couple of hours to get there but that's hardly a reason to go ahead with things.  @Badhedonist made no move to leave.
"Aww, come on you'll enjoy yourself.  Besides, we've all driven a fair way to get here.  I've been waiting to have both of you so that's what's going to happen, right Sarah?" he turns to her.
"Yeah, I'm not driving here for nothing either" she agreed.
"Well you two go ahead and use the room then and I'll leave, that way you haven't had a wasted journey", I grab my bag to pack the few things in it.

Sarah stayed by the room door as @Badhedonist moved toward me.  He grabbed my wrist and took my bag out of my hand.
"Sarah, lock the door babes and bring my bag over here", the bitch did exactly what he told her to.  I tried explaining that I most definitely didn't want to do it anymore, and even pleaded with him to let me go but he didn't loosen his grip on my wrist.  I struck out at him with my other hand but he caught my wrist before I could make contact.  I couldn't think of anything else to do so I started to scream.  He shifted and held both of my wrists behind my back with one hand, pulling me into him he covered my mouth with his other hand.  I was facing him and I could feel his erection pressing against my hip.  Oh god, he was actually going to go through with this!
"Sarah, in my bag there are some cable ties, pass me two please", he turned back to me "I've had someone back out on me before so I came prepared this time".  He instructed Sarah to tie my wrists and of course she did so.  

I feel a hand on my tit, rubbing then squeezing it through my Basque, I try to move away but he has me in too tight a hold.  The hand belongs to Sarah.
"You were right, she does have nice tits", another hand feeling my ass, then moves between my legs.  I start to shout to her to stop but it's no use as my protests are muffled by @badhedonist's hand.  She pulls my thong to the side and I feel her fingers probing my pussy.  It feels strange being touched by another woman, I can feel her nails on my pussy.  It's not unpleasant.  She finds my hole and puts a finger inside me.  
"She's a little wet already" she told him.  She took her finger out of my pussy and sucked it, all the while still kneading my tit with her other hand.
"How does she taste babes?"  Sarah leans in and starts tonguing @Badhedonist inches from my face.  
"Ok, I need to get myself a proper taste of that pussy and there's only one way that I can think of other than gagging you to keep you quiet while I do".  He pushed me onto the bed on my back and tells Sarah to sit on my face.
"Face her feet when you do though so that I can watch you as I eat her cunt".  I started to scream again and he covered my mouth with his hand again, roughly this time pressing my head into the bed.  He told Sarah to hurry up and strip off, and he started undoing my Basque with his other hand.  I struggle momentarily to try and move away from him but it's no use he has my head locked in place.

Sarah was naked then and climbed on to the bed.  She had an awesome body which I could tell before she took her clothes off.  She was your stereotypical leggy, blue eyed blonde.  She positioned herself over my head but didn't lower herself immediately.  He leaned forward and sucked each of her nipples.
"Sasha, Sarah is going to sit on your face now.  I want you to make sure that you eat her cunt good and act like the slut that you claimed to be.  I'm going to remove my hand now, don't think about screaming babes coz I'll just give you something to scream about later".  
Sarah lowered herself onto my face enough so that I had all the access needed to eat her pussy without getting smothered.  My nose was in her ass, I didn't know where to begin as I'd never done it before.  I feel a smack on the side of my thigh.
"Get eating Sasha" he growls.  I took a deep breath and licked her pussy from her hole up to her clit.  At that point I was still trying to think of some way to get myself out of this situation.  I pause and get another slap on the thigh.  I started playing with her clit with my tongue, I heard him telling Sarah how sexy her tits were and heard her groaning as he sucked them.   

I licked her hole for a while and got my tongue in there, I had to admit it at the time, she tasted really good.  I felt his hands on my tits, then his mouth as his hands ran down my body to my panties.  He pulled my panties off despite my attempts to keep my legs together he forced them apart and then I felt pleasure as his mouth closed over my clit and he began to suck it.  I decide to match his technique and start sucking Sarah's clit.  He had my legs wide open and I was groaning into Sarah's pussy as I worked it with my mouth.  She was groaning and moving slightly on my face.  He lifted my legs back towards me and started licking my ass so I followed his lead and moved my tongue up to Sarah's asshole.  He pushed his fingers inside my pussy and began to fuck me roughly with them, rubbing my clit with his thumb as he licked my ass.  It was getting too much for me, I was going to cry out.  I found Sarah's clit and began sucking on it again.  She pressed her pussy to my mouth and my cries of pleasure as I began to cum were muffled by her pussy.
"Not so reluctant now are ya babe" He laughed.  "I knew you just needed a bit of coaxing"
Sarah started writhing on my face and I struggled to breathe as she began to cum moments after I was finishing.  

He said that it was his turn then so Sarah climbed off the bed and they both pulled me up so that I was standing.  
"On your knees", we both knelt in front of him.  He had gotten undressed all ready.  Now, I had seen his cock in pics that had been posted online but have to say it was even better in the flesh, inches away from my face.  He grabbed both of us by the and pulled our faces towards his cock.
"Come on sluts, don't be shy", he slapped our faces with his cock and we both started licking his length, our tongues clashing as we did.  After a while I moved to his balls while Sarah took his cock in her mouth.  His hands were still on our heads and he was giving us words of encouragement.  I felt a hand on my ass and was confused for a moment until I remembered that Sarah's hand weren't tied.  Her hand moved down between my legs until her fingers found my pussy, she rubbed my pussy, soaking her hand in my juices then rubbed my asshole.  She stopped sucking his cock and wet two of her fingers and found his ass with her other hand.  He pulled my head back and put his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth hard as I felt Sarah's finger slide into my lubricated ass.  My eyes were starting to stream and I couldn't breathe as he relentlessly fucked my throat.  He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his load over our faces.  

He told us to lay on the bed.  Sarah lay next to me and began feeling my tits, my nipples were so hard they ached.  We started tonguing each other, cum still on our faces.  I would have loved to have grabbed a handful of her tit.  @Badhedonist knelt at the end of the bed and had a hand at each of our pussies fingering us expertly as we played with each other, pumping his fingers in and out of us.  I felt his thumb enter my ass and assumed that Sarah must have been getting the same treatment.  He was making my whole body move with the thrusts of his hand.  Before I knew it I was cumming again, this time was stronger than before and I was bucking on his hand.  

He got up and laid in between us his cock looked as hard as ever.  He grabbed me by the neck and tongued me then turned to Sarah and did the same.  
"Come on then babes hop on my fat cock and let me show you a good time" he winked at me.  I managed to maneuver myself over him and he held his cock steady for me to slide onto it.  His fat cock felt so good inside me.  He gripped my hips as I started moving on him, he told me to lean forward more and sat up a bit so that he could suck my tits.  What I hadn't realised was that Sarah had gone into his bag while we were busy and donned a strap on that he had brought with him.  The first I knew of it was when I felt her behind me grabbing my ass.  @Badhedonist grabbed my shoulders to stop me falling completely on top of him as Sarah pushed me forward.  I felt pressure on my asshole as she nudged at it and then eased it in bit by bit with each careful thrust.  The thrusts became less careful the further she got it in though and before long she was pumping away at my ass while @Badhedonist fucked my pussy.  I felt so incredibly full, I'd never had both holes fucked at once before.  We fucked like that for a while then he said that he wanted to get in on the ass action too. 

Sarah stayed in my ass while I slipped myself off @Badhedonist.  He climbed off the bed and moved around to the back of Sarah.  She pulled me back a bit so that I was standing on the floor leaning over the bed, my face on the bed as I couldn't balance with my hands restrained.  Badhedonist gave our asses a few sharp slaps before he eased his cock into Sarah's ass and began fucking her.  Sarah was playing with my clit as she fucked my ass and Badhedonist talking filth to us both as he pounded away.   I could only assume that there must be something inside the strap on stimulating Sarah's pussy as she started to cum noisily behind me.  

"That's right slut cum for me" he told her moments before he paused and pulled his cock out of her ass and shot his cum over her ass cheeks.  Sarah pulled out of my ass and had her back to me as I turned around to face them.  Badhedonist had scissors in his hands and cut the cable ties from my wrists.  I rubbed at them, they were really red and sore.  I noticed the cum on Sarah's ass and offered to clean it for her, she laughed and told me sure I could.  Badhedonist watched as I licked Sarah's ass clean of every last drop of his cum.  As I stood Sarah kissed me.

"Alright girls how about a little clean up over here" he laughed and pointed to his cock.  We obligingly got to our knees and began to lick his cock clean of my pussy juice and Sarah's ass.

We had been at it for hours and it was time they were leaving.  They got dressed and I gave Sarah a kiss and thanked her, then Badhedonist kissed me and said...
"I think there's room for one more next time aye babes?" and winked as he walked out the door.

Oh Boy!

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