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Sunday, 5 June 2011

After Dinner Service

My other half works away a lot and is only home every third week of each month so I get neglected on the shagging front. I'd heard rumours about the sexual exploits of the head chef at work and was keen to get a piece of the action. He was a great looking guy, complete flirt and charmer and would be a great fuck I bet.  I'd been flirting heavily with him for weeks and he'd flirted back but I had no indication that he was actually interested in doing anything and so was taken by surprise tonight

We'd finished dinner service and I was in the walk in refrigerator doing the dates.  It was a tight squeeze because we'd had a delivery that morning, there were boxes everywhere.  He came in with something to be put away and had to squeeze past me to get to the back.  As he passed he brushed against my ass and I cheekily pushed my ass back onto him.  He did and said nothing, just went to the back and placed the container on the top shelf.  I grinned to myself as he approached me , knowing that he was going to have to brush past me again.  This time however, as he got behind me he didn't brush past.  He pressed himself into me as he grabbed my hair by the pony tail.
"Sasha you really are gagging for it!"
I gasped, "God! Yes, I am"
He yanks down my trousers and panties roughly, pinning me against the boxes with one arm he rubs his hand up and down my wet pussy and rubs my juices over my ass hole. 
"Fuck you're wet!"
"Please fuck me"
"Oh I intend to", he takes his cock out, I feel him nudge it between my legs before he shoves it into my pussy.   I cry out as he enters me.  His cock is wide and stretches my pussy to the point of pain, it feels so good.  He doesn't waste anytime as he starts to fuck my pussy hard and rough.  He yanks on my ponytail, bites my neck hard, I'm being shoved against the boxes that I'm pinned against with each ramming of his fat cock. 
"Oh fuck yes, fuck me hard", my voice sounds pathetic, like I am begging him but I don't care.
"I'm going to fuck your pussy raw, then I am gonna have your ass you dirty bitch" he whispers in my ear as he stabs me with his cock particularly hard.  His hand moves inside my jacket, across my body and grabs my tit inside my bra.  He pinches my nipple cruelly as he whispers in my ear that I am a dirty slut.  He touches my clit for a brief moment, wetting his fingers with my juices.  He pushes his fingers into my mouth I tells me to suck them.  As I suck he starts fucking me harder and faster, I feel like he's probably ruined my pussy by now, it's on fire but feels amazing at the same time. 

I am about to cum when, without a word he pulls out of me.  I am about to beg him to put his cock back when he turns me to face the door and pushes me so that I am bent over.  He plunges two fingers into my ass roughly and I yelp a little at the abruptness. 
"You have such a tight little ass hole Sasha, it's going to be a pleasure to take this one babes", he removes his fingers...I feel the head of his cock slide up and down my pussy as he wets it, then, pressing on my anus.  He eases in just past the tip and I bite my lip trying not to scream.  If I thought he stretched my pussy, it was nothing in comparison to what his cock was doing to my ass.  I hear him chuckle to himself, he grabs my shoulder with one hand and places his other hand over my mouth.  He gives one hard push shoving his cock in deep, I scream into his hand.  The pain is indescribable but I am pretty sure right there that he has destroyed my ass for good.  He keeps his hand over my mouth as he roughly fucks my ass.  I have tears streaming down my cheeks, I am sobbing into his hand but he is relentless. 
"Your ass is so hot, you didn't honestly think I wasn't going to fuck it if I ever got my hands on you did you babes?  You've been teasing me for weeks.  Such a horny slut!"
As he continues to plough into me the pain eases, my ass is most probably numbed.  I am not sobbing any longer, his hand leaves my mouth and he grips my hips hard as he goes for the home stretch.  I hear him let out a gasp of breath as he fills my ass with his cum.  He stays in my ass for a few moments then pulls out.
Ok babes, seems I could teach you a thing or two, get dressed and I'll come to yours when we've finished up here and show you a few things.
Fuck! Was I in trouble now!

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