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Thursday, 23 June 2011


I am sat naked on a chair, my legs are parted and my hands are bound behind the chair.  I cannot see, my eyes are covered, I have no recollection of how I got here, my head hurts.

I sense a presence in the room, they are close by.  I am afraid to talk at first but then I hear movement and decide to take my chances.
"Who's there?  Where am I?"

"Shhh, no questions, be silent", his mouth is close to my ear when he speaks.  I have a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.  I feel his finger on my face, slowly tracing the line of my jaw, around to my mouth.  My bottom lip is pulled down and I feel his mouth on it, sucking it, his teeth gently grazing.  I am too shocked and confused to react.
"Mmmm" he moans, his mouth still millimeters from mine.

He places his hand on my head and pulls it firmly but gently to the right hand side exposing the left side of my neck.  I feel his tongue tracing the skin on my shoulder, my nipples stiffen in reaction to this.  I feel his teeth bite my neck hard, I cry out at the pain.
"Shhh, silence remember?" he whispers into my ear.
He trails his fingers down my neck, over my collar bone down to my breast.  He circles my stiff nipple with his finger tip twice then cups my breast with his hand and squeezes it hard.  I feel his hot mouth close over the nipple of my other breast and he sucks it hard.  I can hear only the sounds of his breathing and his mouth sucking my nipple and I hear my own breathing which is becoming more shaky by the minute.

His mouth still on my breast both of his hands run down my back to my ass and he shifts me forward in the chair so that my ass is on the edge of the seat.  His hands move slowly from my ass, down the outside of my thighs.  His mouth leaves my breast as he rubs my thighs with his hands.  He moves his hands to my inner thighs and parts my legs further.  I'm made aware of my wetness when he blows on my pussy.  I take a sharp intake of breath as he plunges a finger into my pussy.  He starts moving it in and out of me slowly, it feels so good.  His finger leaves my pussy and I feel him trace it along my lips then he inserts it into my mouth.
"Taste yourself, know that it is what I will be tasting in a moment", I sucked his finger and enjoyed the taste of myself.

His hand returns to my pussy but he uses more fingers this time, I guess at three.  I feel his breath on my pussy before his mouth closes over my clit.  I press myself to his mouth as he sucks, my clit seems so much more sensitive than usual, I assume it's down to my senses being heightened by the blindfold.  I feel his fingers moving in and out of me as he stimulates my clit.  The chair is wet with my juices and I am so turned on, I think to myself that it doesn't get much better than this.  Then I feel his thumb press at, then dip into my ass.  He edges it in further each time his fingers push deep into my pussy.  He starts thrusting with his hand harder and faster.  I feel his other hand on my breast again, he pinches my nipple hard and pulls on it.  I have to try very hard not to make a sound but it is so hard.  He releases my nipple and rubs my breast gently as he sucks really hard on my clit for a moment then he pinches and pulls my nipple again.  The switching from gentle to rough and the constant thrusting of his fingers in my pussy and ass make me start to cum on his mouth.  My body writhes and I can't help groaning out loud, it is amazing. 

His mouth leaves my pussy and I sense him stand up.  He is standing over me now, I can hear him breathing and hear the rhythm as he strokes his cock.  There's silence then a low groan...I feel warmth on my chest and stomach. 

I hear what sounds like a camera, twice.  Smell something strange...

"Good night"

I wake up in bed with a headache, it's morning.  Such a vivid dream I smile to myself then freeze as I reach for my water on the bedside table and see a Polaroid of myself...


  1. Love this. So hot.


  2. Thanks, glad you liked it :)