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Thursday, 16 June 2011

At The Club

The club was crowded and noisy.  He had told me to meet him in the far corner of the club at 12.00am.  I was 10 minutes early, hoping that I would arrive before he did.  I was wearing a dress as instructed.  It was a black, strapless and hugged my figure from my chest to my hips so I wore no bra, my panties were barely worth wearing but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?  My legs were bare and I was wearing a pair of coral, strappy high-heeled sandals.

I was really nervous, I’d never done anything like this before.  My hands were shaking, palms sweating and my mouth was dry.  I walked to the back of the club and went to the bar first and ordered a drink, I figured I had time and it might help to settle my nerves a little.  I watched as the barman poured a shot of vodka into the tall glass.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and breath on my ear as someone spoke to me.
“I thought I told you to go to the far corner of the club?  I did not tell you to stop for a drink on the way did I?”
My stomach did a flip and my pussy melted as realisation hit me.  I shook my head slowly.
“Okay, so make your way over to where you should be and wait for me there”
I nodded my head and made to move away from the bar, he grabbed my forearm firmly.  I turned to look at him and he leaned into my ear again.
“Nice choice of dress Rebecca”, I smiled at the compliment.
He let go of my arm and placed his hand on my ass and ushered me forward.  As I walked to the corner I didn’t turn back to see if he was following me, I assumed based on his instruction that he wasn’t.

I reached the spot that I was meant to wait at.  There were a few empty sofas lining the back wall.  The area over looked the dance floor below, there were stools and a place for you to rest your drinks while you watched the dancers.  Despite the club being so crowded I was the only person in this particular section which I assume was the reason he’d chosen it.  I stood at the edge, leaned on the railing and watched the dance floor while I waited, trying unsuccessfully to keep my mind distracted. 

My drink is placed in front of me, I turn and thank him and he tells me I’m welcome.  I take a sip of the drink and notice how unsteady my hands still are.  My heart is beating so fast and I can’t wipe the ridiculous grin off my face.  The grin is the product of two feelings; arousal and shyness, I can feel the heat rising in my face.  I feel his hand on my ass as he leans in to talk to me again.
“Rebecca are you wearing panties as instructed?”
I nod yes.
“Good, take them off now” he commands.
My breath catches, and I hesitate.
“Now Rebecca”
I reach my hands up the sides of my dress and pull my panties down, praying that no one sees me but excited at the prospect of getting caught also. I step out of them and he takes them from my hand and puts them in his pocket.

He is stood behind me, a mere couple of inches from my body.  I see him taking a drink out of the corner of my eye.  All of my senses are heightened as I stand waiting for whatever is next but he does nothing for five minutes or so, just stands and people watches.  The waiting is driving me crazy.  I take a few sips of my drink, my nipples are so hard and aching and as I shift on my feet I can feel how wet my pussy is becoming.  I'm about to turn to face him when he starts to smooth his hand over my ass, rubbing it and squeezing it through my dress.  His touch is heavenly and I can’t help but moan with pleasure.  He pays equal attention to both of my ass cheeks before reaching under the skirt of my dress and placing his hand on my inner thigh.
“You are going to cum for me now, understand?
I simply nod again as I'm speechless with nerves and arousal.  I know that nobody will be paying any attention to us stood up here alone. 

He parts the lips of my pussy with his fingers and slides them up to my clit and begins to play with it with his fingers while his thumb dips inside my pussy.  My knees feel weak and I hold on to the rail in front of me, my breathing ragged.  My body is tingling all over and I know that it’s not going to take him long to make me cum.  He holds his hand still on my pussy for a moment.
“ Turn your head and look over your left shoulder”
I do as I am told and see that most of the sofas are now occupied.  I am suddenly very conscious of the fact that his hand is up my dress on my pussy.  He begins moving his fingers again and pushes his thumb deeper inside me.  I know that I should be bothered that people may be able to see what he’s doing but it feels so great that I don’t care who sees right about then.  He moves his hand and puts his fingers in my pussy, spreading me wide, I feel his thumb rub my ass before pressing at it and entering.  He starts moving them in and out of me, slowly fucking me with his hand.  At this point I am relieved that we’re in a noisy club because I am openly moaning and groaning.  My knuckles are turning white on the railing as I feel an intensity building inside me.  He increases the pace, I close my eyes as I feel myself close to orgasm.
“Open your eyes please” he instructs.  I open them, with difficulty.

I start to cum, by body trembling, my pussy bucking on his strong hand.  He places his other arm around my waist to hold me still as he continues with what can only be described as the sweet torture.  I’m both ashamed to have such little self control in public and so incredibly turned on by it at the same time.  When the climax is over and I begin to come down he slips his hand away from my pussy and leaves it, wet, resting on my inner thigh.  We stand like that for a while, I savour the after glow of my orgasm and the throbbing of my pussy. 

He removes his hand from my thigh and moves to the side of me.  I notice that he has my panties out of his trousers and he is wiping his hand dry in them.  He hands them back to me and tells me to put them back on.  I do as he says immediately, he doesn’t move to shield me from the eyes of the people sat behind me.
“It’s time for us to leave now”, he places his hand on the small of my back and leads me past the sofas.  My cheeks redden as I note the knowing glances aimed at us.

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