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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thank You Daddy

I crawl into bed with You and wrap my arm around You as I kiss Your face gently all over, then Your lips. I run my hand all over Your back and shoulders as I kiss You, savouring the feel of Your body.

I slip my hand into Your pyjamas and feel Your sexy bum as I kiss and lick Your throat and collar bone; give Your bum a squeeze.

Kissing Your chest I close my mouth over Your nipple and suck and nibble it as my hand moves around to the front of Your pyjamas and I stroke Your cock.

As I make my way down Your body, kissing Your stomach I pull Your pyjama bottoms down over Your cock letting him free.

I smile as I reach it with my face and give it a kiss on the head. I take Your cock in one hand and hold Your balls in the other. As I look up at You I begin playing with Your balls and stroking Your cock. As I stroke with my hand I lick the head with different strokes and flicks of my tongue, never taking my eyes off You.

You have your hands on my head, messing my hair as I play with You. I giggle, tell You I love You then close my mouth over Your cock and take it in my mouth as far as I can and start sucking. Every now and then I pull Your cock out of my mouth to look at it, spitting on it occasionally. I'm not able to physically get anywhere near Your whole length in my mouth or throat without Your help..."DADDY, please help me please You".

You smile at me at me and push my head down firmly, forcing Your cock down my throat. If I didn't have a mouthful I'd be smiling. You move my head, controlling the movement as You fuck my face. Love when DADDY uses me like this. I'm unable to breathe and I'm dribbling all over Your cock but I'm loving every second of it. Moving faster, my face slamming into Your body now, You hold my face tight against You as Your cock swells in my mouth and I feel warmth seeping down my throat.

You pull my head up and Your cock slips out of my mouth causing some of Your cum to land on my cheek. I smile at You, crawl back up and lay my head next to Yours and look deeply into Your eyes and say..."Thank You DADDY".

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