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Monday, 13 June 2011

You Have 1 New Message

I see the red light blinking on my Blackberry on my desk, my stomach flips and my pulse quickens.  It could be any number of people...but it could be him. I look at the screen, "You have 1 new message" is displayed.  I press enter and am greeted with:

"Hey sexy girl x"

A huge grin spreads across my face and my pussy reacts instantly in anticipation of the conversation to follow.  I reply "Hi, how are you today?".  I try to go back to my work but glance out of the corner of my eye every few seconds to see if the red light is flashing.  A little while later, I see the red light blinking.  I start grinning before I have even pressed the button to display the message.

"Are you feeling naughty today?"

I can feel my pussy begin to moisten already.  I tell him that I am indeed feeling naughty.  I place my Blackberry under my computer so that I can see the red light blinking when it does.  I know that he has my attention now, it's useless me trying to focus on my work.

"What are you wearing?"

Damn! I am hardly dressed in the sexiest of clothing today.  It crosses my mind for a second to lie about what I am wearing but I've never been a good liar so decide to go with the truth.  I tell him that I am wearing grey trousers and a long teal top.

"Panties, bra - type, colour?"

Now this I was happy to answer and told him that I was wearing black short shorts type panties and a black and white leopard print bra that has a pink bow in the middle.  I have to make it clear to you at this point that with every message received my pussy becomes increasingly wetter.  Every time I see that red light blinking my stomach flips and my pulse momentarily quickens.

"If I was your boss, I would order you to my office right now!"

Oh boy! Reading that line I can feel the hairs on my arms stand on end and my nipples harden.  I've always had numerous different fantasies about being taken by my boss.  I told him that I wished that he was my boss.

"We'd do one of my special one to one's!"

I was grinning like a Cheshire cat now.  "Oh? Do tell..." I replied.

"Once in my office I would tell you to get removing your top"

I just wanted to know what was coming next so simply replied "Ok" to this message.  I'm pretty sure that my colleague sat at the next desk must suspect me of being up to something now, as I can't wipe the grin from my face and my cheeks feel bright red.

"Then to take down your trousers and then come around and sit on my knee, legs wide apart"

So, this message is the point of no return.  I have tunnel vision now and need to know what he is going to do to me next.  My clit has started to throb and I know that my panties are wet.  I shift in my chair uncomfortably and tell him that his last message got a response.

"My hand would venture between your legs, from your knees up to where bare thigh met panties"

I am imagining his hand tracing a line up my thigh and my breathing shallows a little.  I am extremely aroused at this point.  I correct him "my wet panties..."

"I note the wet patch and slowly trace my finger along the moist fabric"

I tell him that I won't be sat at my desk for much longer the way he's talking.  I'd gotten myself off in the toilets in work, a few times before and it looked like I was going to be doing it again shortly.

"I hear you moan, your nipples stiffen in your bra, your mouth opens, I can smell your lust"

I'm pretty sure everybody can smell my lust for this guy right now, I think to myself. I am fidgeting in my chair.  I can feel how wet my pussy has become.  I tell him that my breath has become ragged and that his slow touching is driving me crazy.

"I peel away your panties and slide a finger along your folds"

What I wouldn't give for that finger of his to be in my panties right now.  I reply that I guess that means he can feel how wet I am for him now and how good it feels to have his finger on my bare pussy.  I am getting restless at my desk, I am going to have to leave soon...

"I draw my finger to my mouth to taste your juices mmm, next I remove your bra and start to twist your erect nipples"

My nipples are aching and so hard, my clit is so swollen it is uncomfortable for me to sit at my desk at this point.  I tell him that I don't know what to say now, that I just want him to keep going.

"I flip you over so you're face down, across my knee, I slip off your black panties and rub your bum, my hand cups your cheek and squeezes.  I feel you squirm, then I raise my arm and crash, you feel the force as the spanking commences, your bottom colours quickly from white, to pink, to warm then a hot red.  You cry out, my finger thrust inside your pussy to push you over the edge"

It is at this point that I buckle and tell him that I have to go to the bathroom.  I go to the toilet and open my trousers, stick my hand in my panties and rub at my pussy.  My fingers slide easily over my soaking wet pussy as I rub my sensitive, swollen clit.  It does not take me long to cum as I was on the verge of cumming without being touched when I was sat at my desk I think!  I return to my desk and tell him how great his messages were and that I doubted I'd be dry again for the whole afternoon.

I get on with my work for a while and am on my way to carry out an inspection when I feel my phone vibrate in my hand.

"Still in wet panties or have you taken them off?"

My pussy stirs instantly and I feel a grin spreading across my face again.  I tell him that I still have them on and ask him if I should remove them.

"Yes, and send me a pic of them on your face"

Well that took me by surprise a little.  I wasn't sure how to respond for a fraction of a second but then of course I knew that I was going to do it for him.  I told him to wait for a few moments and made my way back to the bathroom.  When I got in there I messaged him and asked how he meant for me to put them on my face.  I laughed to myself as I had visions of me with a pair of panties over my head.

"So that they're half in your mouth"

I tried a few different positions of the panties and in the end decided to go with them covering my face with the moist crotch in my mouth.  I sent him the picture and joked that I may need more specific directions next time.  I sit back at my desk and continue to get on with some work.  The red light is blinking again...

"Take off your top and bra and place them between your tits"

I'm so turned on again.  The problem now of course is that I have no panties on this time around.  I feel relieved that I have a long top on.  I ask him what I should do once I have done as he asked.

"Take the pic, rubbing them into your tits"

I tell him that I have to do something for work but will do it as soon as possible.

"Ok Miss"

Even that simple reply somehow manages to turn me on.  I think that maybe I have a problem and laugh at myself.  Work really is an inconvenience I feel.  I have to concentrate on the task at hand but it is difficult.  When complete, I go to the bathroom again, my Blackberry hidden in the waist band of my trousers.  I take two pictures and send them to him.

"Those tits look divine!"

I grin and thank him for saying so.

"You're welcome, now slip your hand down your panties you kinky slut"

I tell him ok and do as he says.  My pussy is no less wet than it was the last time I had my hands on it for him.  I realise that time is getting on so I tell him that I have to stay out of the toilet now and finish my work.

"But can you.....?"

Damn! He is always tempting me.  I grin for two reasons this time...firstly because of his trying to lead me astray again and secondly because I know that this time I have no choice but to resist him.  I tell him that he doesn't have enough time to work with to crush my resistance this time.

"It can wait then..."

I bite my bottom lip as I grin, pleased that he'll be visiting me again some time.

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