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Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Day - New Task: Part One

I woke that morning to an email detailing my task for the day:


Take your plug to work with you today. You are to wear it for an hour on, an hour off throughout the day. Each time you insert/remove the plug you are to bring yourself to orgasm. I expect a full report at the end of the day.


I sprang out of bed to get ready for work, excited for my day to start.

I arrived at the office at 8.45am and decided to wait until 9am to start the task as it would be easier to keep track if I knew I had to perform on the hour. I work at a small office and there's only one unisex bathroom. I would have to be quick and effective with my task to ensure that I wasn't disturbed. The time came for me to start so I made my way to the bathroom and hung my handbag on the hook on the back of the door. I rested my back against the wall, hiked up my black pencil skirt and slipped my hand down the front of my panties. I closed my eyes and sighed as my fingers made contact with my clit. My pussy was already wet from the morning's anticipation of the day ahead. I'd foregone my usual morning masturbation so I came quick and easily. My hands trembled with the after effects of my orgasm as I washed them in the sink afterwards.

I retrieved my plug from the ziplock bag inside my handbag. Pulling my panties to the side I ran the plug through my wetness, dipping it inside my pussy a couple of times. Once I was sure it was lubricated enough I pulled my panties down around my thighs and bent forward, legs slightly parted. I found my anus with the tip of the plug with a precision that comes only through practice. I pressed firmly and enjoyed the sensation as the plug slid in, inch by inch, slowly spreading me open. As my tight hole gripped keenly around the base of the plug I straightened up and pulled up my panties. Walking to the sink I could feel the plug deep inside me and a fresh stirring of arousal seeped through my pussy. I washed my hands again and straightened up my skirt, brushing my hand over the area covering the plug - this was a nervous habit I had when I wore a plug. I knew that there was no way it could possibly be visible but it was a comfort to run my hand over the area anyway. As I left the bathroom and made my way back to the office I passed Mr Harris (my boss) in the corridor. I grinned to myself after I said hello to him - if only he knew what his Administrator really got up to during the day! I sat at my desk and wriggled in my seat a bit, teasing my ass with the plug. I tried hard to concentrate on my work as I waited for the next 55 minutes to pass.

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