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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Mornings

I smile as I feel your warm breath on my face before you kiss me gently. I can feel your cock resting on top of my pussy and I wake further. I open my eyes when you stop kissing me and admire the sight of you holding your body over mine. I lift my head off the pillow and kiss you, running my hand up over your shoulder to the back of your head. I moan softly as your tongue brushes against mine. I move my hips brushing my pussy against your cock. I reach for your cock with my hand and you take my hand in yours and pin it down beside my head. Inside I smile as I kiss you deeper and reach down with my other hand. You grasp my wrist before I can reach your cock, and pin that one beside my head too. The smooth skin of my mound brushes up and down the length of your cock as I try to position myself on you. When you kiss my neck I tell you that I need you, now. You shush me and plant a trail of light kisses down to my nipple. I gasp as you lick and suck, it's rare that you're so tender with me and I'm waiting to feel your teeth graze me there. I can feel the warm moisture pooling between the lips of my pussy, I crave your cock. I lift my hips up off the bed and press myself against you as you kiss me again with an intensity that mirrors my desire.

You take my hand and place it on my pussy and I start to play with my clit. You tell me to play faster then tell me I'm not to cum as you push the head of your cock inside me. You push deeper inside, agonisingly slowly and I embrace your cock in my wetness. You watch my face as you withdraw your cock, then kiss me as you re-enter. My fingers still working over my swollen clit as your groin presses against them, the head of your cock resting against my cervix. You tease me with your cock like this for quite some time. I begin to whimper, my climax threatening to arrive.
"Don't you dare", you tell me.
"Can I stop playing please?"
You smile and tell me no, then start to thrust inside me hard, knocking my hand each time. I ask you again to please let me stop and you place your hand over my mouth and tell me to shush. You tell me that I can stop when you're good and ready. My desperate pleas are muffled by your hand as you start to fuck me hard.

I feel relief as I recognise the expression on your face and know that you are close.
"Play hard", you order through gritted teeth.
I shake my head to tell you no but follow your order anyway.
"Now", you manage to say before holding your cock deep inside me. I let myself go, my pussy convulses around your cock as it swells, filling me up with your hot cum. When you lower your body onto mine I sigh, contented. I listen to the sound of our breathing as my pussy intermittently twitches on your gradually softening cock.

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