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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


As I listened to his deep voice, thick with a Southern drawl, I could feel the wetness in my pussy build with each sentence. As he told me what he'd do to me, how he'd own my pussy if he were with me, I whimpered inside. He asked if I was touching my pussy as he spoke to me. When I asked him if I should, he told me if I asked him nicely maybe he'd let pussy melted further still as I asked him if I could please touch myself. As my hand reached down the front of my panties and my fingers slipped between the slick lips of my wet pussy I sighed - my clit was swollen and desperate for attention. I massaged it as I listened to the sexy voice in my ear telling me that he'd have me on my knees, fucking my mouth for his own pleasure. I wanted to tell him that I'd love to feel his cock deep in my throat, his hand gripping my hair, holding my head tightly in place...words failed me though and the colour rose in my cheeks as I blushed, my fingers still playing with my throbbing clit.

I rubbed my pussy as I imagined him fucking me hard, knocking my plug into my ass with each thrust into my pussy. I closed my eyes as he began preparing me for my orgasm. He started to count down from five and I had a moment of panic, worried that I'd not be ready in time. I worked my fingers faster trying to ensure that I'd not miss the timing but as he drew out the last part of the count down I panicked that I'd cum too soon. I was relieved when I held out and had my orgasm on time...smiling as I heard the words 'good girl'. Comforted by the thought of being held, his hand running through my hair afterwards...

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