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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Put In My Place

I had to be home by 6.30pm after work everyday but that day I wasn't in the mood to do as I was told. He'd been particularly cold with me that morning and I was sulking so I decided to spend a little longer at my spot in the park. I stopped at that bench every evening on the way home and sat for 20 minutes watching the birds in the water on the lake. It was a great spot for thinking and relaxing my mind after a busy day at the office.

I glanced at my watch, the time display showed 6.35pm. "Humph, that'll show him!" I thought to myself. Already I could feel a nervousness building inside me. I knew that I would be in trouble for being late but I scowled and reassured myself in my mind that I was in the right. My eyes were aimed at the lake but my mind wasn't processing what I was seeing. I was too busy working myself up about the fact that he didn't even afford me so much as a glance in my direction when I spoke to him this morning.

Someone sat beside me on the bench disrupting my thoughts and bringing me back to the present. It had gotten quite dark by this point and I registered that I'd began to get cold. The person beside me cleared their throat and I became colder still. I recognised that sound and was afraid to turn my head - I knew exactly who I'd be looking at. The fact that he'd sat there in silence gave me a great idea of how angry he was with me.

I turned to face him knowing that putting it off would only make it worse. He smiled at me and I felt a flutter of panic in my chest.
"Hi, I was just about to leave. Sorry, I'm so late tonight Sir", I regretted my decision to be late the instant I heard him clearing his throat. I stood, ready to make my way back to the house with him.
"Sit", his voice remained calm which unnerved me all the more.
I sat back down, my hands in my lap, I nervously fiddled with my fingers.
"Look at me", I turned to look at him.
I blushed as he held my gaze, not allowing me to look away. Though I was worried about him being angry I could feel my pussy stirring - I couldn't help but get aroused while his eyes were on me, regardless of the situation.
"Come, sit on my knee", he shuffled forward on the bench and patted his left knee.
I hesitated momentarily before taking my place on his knee, my hands resting in my lap again as I settled myself there.

His left arm wrapped around my waist, his hand resting on my thigh he ran his hand up my leg, dragging my skirt with it. I grabbed the hem of my skirt to pull it back down and he slapped me sharply on the side of my thigh; I winced and let go of my skirt. Though it was around 7pm there were still people walking through the park - mainly dog walkers at that point. I really didn't want to be flashing my knickers to any passerby! His hand continued travelling up my thigh until he reached the crease where the leg bends from the hip. He moved his hand back down to my knee and pulled it firmly away from our bodies, spreading me fairly wide.
"Don't move", he instructed.
My face felt on fire as I panicked - I couldn't move, he was angry enough with me as it was; but what if somebody came by now, I would die of embarrassment. His hand moved swiftly back to the top of my thigh.
"You've been a very bad girl today know what happens to bad girls don't you?"
"Yes Sir", I mumbled.
He pinched my thigh hard causing me to suck air in through my teeth.
"Yes Sir, they get punished", I answered him more clearly.
"Yes they do", he put his right hand down the v neck of my jumper causing it to stretch down and reveal my bra. He started massaging my breast and I struggled not to move. Inside I was squirming for two very different reasons; I knew that the material of my knickers would by now be very damp and his thumb brushing my nipple through the thin fabric of my bra was only going to increase my wetness. I was also struggling with myself - it was so hard to not tell him to stop, or to try and wriggle free from his grasp. Truth be told there was nothing physically holding me there, in place in his lap but I'd disappointed him once today, I wouldn't do it again.

The hand that was on my leg had worked it's way down to the front of my knickers and he was rubbing my pussy through the fabric. My heart started beating rapidly, my breath catching in my throat as I fought to remain silent. I could hear voices - there were people approaching. I looked at him, surely he could hear them too - why wasn't he stopping?! He pinched my nipple through my bra and I gasped. He increased the pressure against my clit as he rubbed my pussy. The voices were getting louder, the people getting closer, I couldn't remain silent any longer.
"Please, please Sir stop. I've learnt my lesson, I'm sorry", I moved to close my legs and earned myself another slap on the thigh - firmer this time. I corrected my position, his hand moved back to my pussy. Just as the voices gave a clue that the people were about to round the corner and see us he dipped his head and closed his mouth over my nipple.

The man saw me first and stopped mid-sentence when his mind processed what it was he was seeing. A split second later his female companion spotted us, her disapproval displayed clearly by her expression within fractions of a second. If the ground could have opened up and swallowed me right then and there I would have been eternally grateful.
"That is fucking disgusting! Have they no shame? Come on!" I shivered involuntarily as he pleasure rippled through my pussy as the lady dragged the man away by the elbow. I took little comfort in the fact that it wasn't broad day light. His teeth nipped at my nipple before his head raised. He removed his hand from my breast and felt my cheeks.
"Perfect", he smiled at the feel of my flushed face.
"I trust that will be the last time you're late Emma?"
"Yes Sir", a tear rolled down my cheek - I was mortified.
The only thing my mind could focus on was the fact that I was sure I knew that lady from somewhere...

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  1. Hello Sasha,

    Have you considered publishing your writing? If you haven't, you should. You have talent, and your writing is hot.

    Just a thought. Take care.